The Student Cybersecurity Association (SCA) is an excellent extracircular activity for students interested in learning more about Cybersecurity. The SCA participates in a wide variety of events that range from developing skills in Ethical Hacking to actively participating in Capture the Flag Competitions. The SCA meets roughly once a week (currenly on Zoom). Any interested students can send The Student Cybersecurity Association an email.

Community Involvement

Peter White Public Library Tech Drop-in

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, the SCA would host a "tech drop-in" at the Peter White Public Library. Individuals throughout Marquette could bring their tech problems to the SCA and have the students troubleshoot their devices. This was a great opportunity for community engagement and gives you practical experience to show future employers.

This engagement is currently canceled; however, we are seeking volunteers to help assist in a virtual format!

Skill Development

Capture The Flag Competitions

A CTF (Capture The Flag) competition is a cybersecurity competition that features a series of challenges for participants. There is a "flag" (usually an alpha-numeric sequence) awarded for solving each challenge. They are designed to test skills related to hacking into or defending computer systems. The Student Cybersecurity Association works to develop these skills through workshops, training sessions, and club activities such as virtual lab environments (such as TryHackme). Students have attended physical CTF competitions in the past with skills learned from the club and the university. Many of these events are still on our radar, even during the pandemic, as many of them are going virtual.

Professional Development

Certification Support

With the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute launching many new opportunities to achieve professional certifications, we can work as a club to help teach, study, or practice ideas and concepts relating to these certifications. The Institute is currently offering funding to help offset the cost of these certification courses!

Professional Connections and Internships

Marquette, Mi. is an upcomming spot for many cybersecurity professionals. Many companies are working with NMU to promote cybersecurity internships from the student body. Skills learned during SCA meetings directly contribute to those required for many local internships.