Take Advantage of All Education Opportunities

Meredith Miller, NMU Alumna

Hi, I’m Meredith MIller. I graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2018 with a degree in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense. Currently, I work for IBM Security as a Security Strategy Consultant. The role that my team and I are in focuses on knowledge and talent management and outreach at IBM Security. Keep reading to find out how my education landed my dream job!

My coursework at NMU provided me with a fantastic base of knowledge. I then decided to take advantage of another educational opportunity by taking the Security+ course at the UPCI. It proved to be an amazing opportunity that solidified and enhanced the cyber knowledge that I obtained from my four years at NMU. 

I would highly recommend that everyone take a course through the UPCI.

Taking a course through the UPCI is a great way to learn something new that will protect yourself and those around you. I would advise everyone to just try a course out - you may find that it’s something you truly love! When I first enrolled I thought I was making the wrong decision. However, I knew it was the best decision I made by the end of it. Not only was the training beneficial, but the connections you make will benefit you throughout your career. 

Although I need the cyber skills that I was taught for my job, they also carry over into everyday life. For example, making passwords strong and different for each site, not clicking suspicious links, and not responding to spam emails can help you and others stay protected from hackers. Additionally, cybersecurity and technology is something that will never go away. It will only get more advanced, so you should do all that you can to help keep up with the technology. 

In conclusion, you never know what you like until you experience it for yourself. Technology is only going to advance and everyone needs the skills to fight against those who criminalize the technology. One thing I hope for the future is that cybersecurity is no longer an afterthought. Certain things like not clicking on every ad or link can benefit anyone at any age. Enrolling in a training course like those at the UPCI can help you gain the necessary training you need to improve your job skills as well as those you need to keep you protected and stay protected


Meredith Miller