Wildcat Battalion Commissionings

Disability Services provides accessibility and support for student veterans.  Student veterans can speak with the Coordinator of Disability Services on an individual basis to identify common barriers that may be experienced in their education.  This meeting, and any information provided, are confidential.

Student veterans with disabilities should not be reluctant to self-identify and contact Disability Services regarding support and resources on campus.  The Office for Civil Rights recommends that veterans with disabilities are proactive in seeking out academic adjustments and resources that may help with being successful.

Disability Services thanks you for your service and values the life experiences and perspectives you bring to postsecondary education.

  • Remove educational barriers and challenges that may be getting in the way of being a successful student
  • Laws are in place to protect student veterans with a variety of disabilities such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), hearing/vision loss, PTSD, chronic pain, and physical disabilities
  • Student veterans may still be eligible for  university disability services even if the military or VA determined that he/she does not have a disability