Return of Department of Defense Unearned Tuition Assistance Funds

Date approved: 
Approved by: President
Oversight unit: Financial Services
Level: Admin Policy


To guide staff and students through the return of unearned Department of Defense Tuition Assistance funds.


All NMU students who withdraw from a course for which they received federal Tuition Assistance through the Department of Defense.


If a student receives Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Funds (TA) to pay for the tuition or fees of an approved course and the student drops or withdraws from that course before at least 60% completion of that course, the Department of Defense requires NMU to calculate the amount of TA a student did not "earn" and return these funds to the Department of Defense. The TA return calculation is separate from the NMU tuition and fee refund policy. The return of unearned TA funds may cause the student to owe a balance to NMU.

Return of Unused TA Funds Policy (.docx download)


TA eligibility is determined based on the following formula:

The percent of TA earned equals the Days Completed before Drop, Withdrawal, or Last Date of Attendance divided by the Total Number of Days of the Course.

A student who completes more than 60% of the course is considered to have earned 100% of their TA.