Thursday - Friday, April 29 - 30, 2021

Ballroom I, Northern Center, NMU Campus

The meeting will be live-streamed on YouTube at:

Seating for the public will be in Ballroom II, Northern Center.  Seating will be placed 6’ apart for social  distancing. 

Any individual able to medically tolerate a face covering must wear a covering over his or her nose and  mouth—such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief—when in any indoor public space. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021 

3:15 – 3:45 p.m. Extended Learning and Community Engagement Committee Meeting – Ballroom I,  Northern Center 

3:45 – 4:45 p.m. Academic Affairs Committee Meeting – Ballroom I, Northern Center 

4:45 – 5:15 p.m. Finance Committee Meeting – Ballroom I, Northern Center 

Friday, April 30, 2021 

 9:00 a.m. Formal Session – Ballroom I, Northern Center 


 9:00 a.m. 1. Formal Session Called to Order – Chair Tami Seavoy 

 9:01 a.m. 2. Roll Call – Ms. Cathy Andrew 

 9:02 a.m. 3. Approval of Agenda – Chair Tami Seavoy 

 9:03 a.m. 4. Moment of Silence 

  • Ms. Alexis Nelson – Dr. Kerri Schuiling 
  • Ms. Sandra Gibbons – Dr. Kerri Schuiling 
  • Ms. Laura Gannon – Mr. Gavin Leach

 9:05 a.m. 5. Individual Requests to Address the Board – Ms. Cathy Andrew

 9:11 a.m.  6. Commencement Speakers: 

    Introduction of Graduating Student Commencement Speaker – Dr. Kerri Schuiling 

            Mr. Jalen Sims, Graphic Design Major 

        Announcement of Commencement Speaker – President Fritz Erickson 

            Mr. Bryan Terrell Clark will be the May 2021 Commencement Speaker. 

 9:16 a.m. 7. Board of Trustees Student Achievement Award Recipients – Chair Tami Seavoy

 9:21 a.m. 8. A Moment in NMU History – Dr. Russel Magnaghi 

 9:26 a.m. 9. ASNMU Update – Ms. Emma Drever, President and Ms. Bethany Beavers,  President-Elect 

 9:31 a.m. 10. President’s Report – President Erickson 

 9:36 a.m. 11. Committee Reports: 

    a. Finance Committee – Trustee Bob Mahaney 

    b. Academic Affairs – Trustee Alexis Hart 

    c. Extended Learning/Community Engagement – Vice Chair Steve Young 

 9:48 a.m. 12. Committee Appointments – Chair Tami Seavoy 

 9:51 a.m. 13. Action on Formal Recommendations – Chair Tami Seavoy 

 9:52 a.m. 14. Announcement of Informal/Closed Sessions to be Held in Conjunction with the  July 2021 Sessions of the Board – President Fritz Erickson 

 9:53 a.m. 15. Good of the Order – Chair Tami Seavoy 

10:15 a.m. Formal Session Adjourned 



Academic Affairs


Extended Learning/Community Engagement


Alexis M. Hart, Chair

Robert E. Mahaney, Chair

Stephen E. Young, Chair

Tami M. Seavoy, Chair

Lisa I. Fittante

Alexis M. Hart

Donna L. Murray-Brown

Alexis M. Hart

Gregory J. Seppanen

Donna L. Murray-Brown


Robert E. Mahaney

Tami M. Seavoy, ex officio

Tami M. Seavoy, ex officio

Tami M. Seavoy, ex officio

Stephen E. Young

Fritz J Erickson, ex officio

Fritz J Erickson, ex officio

Fritz J Erickson, ex officio

Fritz J Erickson, ex officio