Friday, September 15, 2023

NOTE: The formal sessions will be live-streamed on YouTube:

Printable Meeting Schedule/Agenda

Location: Holman Executive Conference Room, Northern Center

8 a.m.

Open Formal Session

1. Formal Special Session Called to Order – Chair Steve Young
2. Roll Call – Secretary Cathy Andrew
3. Approval of Agenda - Chair Steve Young
4. Moment of Silence - Dr. Dale Kapla
5. Partner Engagement:

  • Business/Industry Strategic Partnerships - Mr. Dave Nyberg
  • Growing Michigan Council - Mr. Dave Nyberg
  • Talent Together Network - Dr. Joe Lubig
  • Community Colleges/Transfer Partners - Dr. Dale Kapla, Mr. Jeff Korpi, Ms. Geri Daniels
9:05 - 9:10 a.m.Break
9:10 - 9:40 a.m.Academic Affairs Committee Meeting
9:40 - 9:50 a.m.Break
9:50 a.m.

Formal Session Reconvenes

6. Special Recognition - Chair Steve Young
7. Individual Requests to Address the Board - Secretary Cathy Andrew
8. A Moment in NMU History - Dr. Russel Magnaghi 
9. ASNMU Report - Ms. Gwen Feamster, President
10. Staff Report - Mr. Andy Hill
11. President's Report - Dr. Brock Tessman
12. Committee Reports:

  • Academic Affairs Committee - Trustee Lisa Fittante

13. Board of Trustees Proposed 2024 Meeting Schedule - Chair Steve Young
14. Formal Recommendations - Chair Steve Young
15. Announcement of Informal Session to be held in conjunction with the December 2023 Meeting of the Board - President Brock Tessman
16. Good of the Order

10:50 a.m.Formal Session Adjourned


Academic AffairsFinanceExecutiveAd Hoc - Policy Review
Lisa I. Fittante, ChairAlexis M. Hart, ChairStephen E. Young, ChairMelissa A. Holmquist, Chair
Steven W. LindbergMelissa A. HolmquistLisa I. FittanteLisa I. Fittante
Gregory J. SeppanenBrigitte R. LaPointe-DunhamAlexis M. HartSteven W. Lindberg
Greg M. ToutantGregory J. SeppanenBrock F. TessmanGreg M. Toutant
Stephen E. Young, ex officioStephen E. Young, ex officio Stephen E. Young, ex officio
Brock F. Tessman, ex officioBrock F. Tessman, ex officio Brock F. Tessman, ex officio