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If you are currently enrolled in courses, you will be given first priority for enrolling in courses for the following semester. Pre-registration for the future semester classes occurs in mid-March for the summer and fall semesters; and mid-October for the winter semester. Class offerings will be posted to MyNMU approximately one week prior to the pre-registration period.

  • Registration date/time: Your registration date/time for classes is based on the number of credits you have completed to date (this does not include the courses which you are currently enrolled). 
  • Adviser holds: All students will have an adviser hold until they complete 18 NMU credits. To have an adviser hold removed, you must speak with your adviser. The adviser for Loss Prevention Management students is Professor Bob Hanson.
  • View all registration holds: All holds are posted to MyNMU about two weeks prior to pre-registration time for the next semester. You will be prevented from registering for courses for the next semester if you have any registration holds (academic, adviser, disciplinary, financial, medical, transcript). Contact the appropriate office to have it removed.
  • Registration problems - assistance: If you experience any problems in registering for any Loss Prevention Management  course, please contact the Criminal Justice Department secretary at 906-227-2660.
  • Graduation: If you plan on graduating with any degree at the end of the semester, you must register for graduation (CA000) so a final degree audit can be completed to verify your eligibility. Register for graduation just as you would for any other class; be sure to select the correct call number to distinguish if you are marching or not marching in the ceremony. Even if you are not marching in commencement ceremonies, you still need to register for graduation.