Application Development is a unit within the Business Intelligence and Information Services department. This team maintains many custom in-house written applications used by various campus divisions and departments. Application Development can also consult with departments that are trying to solve a problem and think a new product or integration can help. 


Need our help?

For a new project, contact the Projects & Implementation Office. If this is an existing application supported by Application Development, the product owner should contact the primary technical person for that product. If you are unsure who supports your product, contact the TSS Helpdesk at


The mission of the Application Development Team is to support campus operations and programs through technology consultation and developing custom software solutions that best meets each department’s needs to fulfill its mission. Consult with departments and users on campus to help them find the best solution for the problem they are trying to solve.



Building software that empowers our users to do their jobs in the most efficient way. Delivering products that allow users to be self-sufficient while completing their work within our systems. Create the best possible experience in our applications for every stakeholder through collaboration and iterative change.


Team Values

  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment
  • Communication
  • Quality
  • Openness

Fall 2022 - Summer 2024 Goals

Goal #1: Empower Users to be Self Sufficient

  • Identify any processes where an engineer is required to perform a regular action for an end user
  • Convert manual processes to a component within each product for the end user to access
  • Implement a standard process for change management that allows end users to submit their requests and check the status

Goal #2: Make Our Processes Outlive Us

  • Create internal technical documentation for each product we offer that is available to the entire team
  • Increase code comments usage for any complex logic
  • Organize our products and services in a way that they are documented and only rely on external components through the use of a dependency manager

Goal #3: Improve Software Quality

  • Track and reduce errors, warnings, and notices thrown in our products
  • Develop standards to make our software consistent and able to be supported by the entire team
  • Utilize a standard testing and deployment strategy to ensure that only quality code is released to the production environment