Northern Michigan University uses the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence software suite for creating reports and dashboards. BI/IS provides centralized reporting services and will work with your department to develop customized reports based on your department's needs.

Accessing Cognos Administrative Reporting

Cognos ReportNet can be accessed at or through the Administrative Reports section under the Employee Services tab on MyNMU.  Administrative Reporting only works in Chrome or Firefox, not Internet Explorer or Edge.

MyNMU Administrative Reports Section

If you have lost your Cognos password or need it to be reset, please contact Kelly.


Instructions have been updated to include screenshots of the new version of Cognos.

Requesting a Report

The more details you can give us about your report needs, the better.  What is the goal of the report?  What are you trying to learn or do from the data?  If you unsure whether we would be able to obtain the data you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us over the phone to talk it out.

When requesting a report, you will want to reach out to one of the two data analysts in the BI/IS department.

Kelly Larmour   Genevieve Morgan
227-1914 or   227-1254 or

Specializes in Student and Human Resources data, detailed reporting, Cognos access and password changes.


Specializes in Admissions, Purchasing, Finance, and Orientation data and reporting.

Target Your Data

Typically there are two kinds of reports, detailed and counts.  Detailed reporting will give you a list of specific individuals on a report, while counts will simply give you a total number of individuals who meet the criteria you specified.

Detailed Reports   Count Reports
  • A list of all students advised by an instructor with name, email, phone number, previous semester GPA, and overall GPA.
  • A list of all current students with an ART major and concentration of photography who have more than 40 credits with IN, name, and email address.
  • The names and email addresses of all undergraduate Education majors who are from Wisconsin.
  • A list of new transfer graduate students with name and home address.
  • The total number of students in each major in the College of Business from most recent 3 fall terms.
  • The average GPA of every class (FR, SO, JR, SR) for each major in the HHP department.
  • The average number of semesters it took the current graduating class to complete their programs.
  • The number of students who do not live on campus who made the Dean's List.

Think about specific codes and filters.  Do you know your major codes in your department?  Do you only want undergraduate data?  What fields do you want to see in your report?  Do you know what specific fields from Banner screens you are looking for?

NOTE:  If you are requesting data from outside of your department or non-directory information (like GPA or IN), we may require you to state the business purpose of your report in an email to Kim Rotundo in the Registrar’s Office ( for her to approve.  Also, depending on your request, you may be directed to Institutional Research instead of BI/IS for statistical reporting.

Does a Similar Report Already Exist?

It can be very helpful if you can direct us to a report that already exists so that we don’t have to start from scratch.

Name and Location

Tell us what you want the report to be called and where you want it to be located.  We try to name reports as specifically as possible, but if you want it to have a specific name and be stored in a certain folder, please let us know.  We can also create, edit, and delete folders and reports.

Time Frame

Give a time frame of when you need your report.  Please be reasonable when requesting a report.  There are some reports that take priority over others, depending on necessity.  Typically it is first-come, first-serve.  Unforeseen events, such as server outages or upgrades, may delay reporting.