Northern Michigan University is partnering with ExLibris to implement an updated replacement for the MyNMU campus portal. The mobile apps are available in both the App Store and Play Store today. The web portal at was transitioned to the new platform on Sunday, November 19th at 12pm. MyNMU will have a simplified interface and improved user experience. Some design concepts are shown below, but the final portal design will vary.

MyNMU mobile app view

Anticipated outcomes: 

  • A “smart portal” experience that surfaces real-time personalized features, content, and information for each individual user.
  • Improve user experience, including a new design, accessibility from mobile devices, and customizable layouts. 
  • Integrate with other systems to display relevant data from multiple sources within MyNMU.
  • Generate personalized, relevant, real-time and automated user communication experience within the portal and mobile app.  
  • Build upon and enhance the current level of MyNMU functionality.

Benefits of the upgrade:

  • Mobile-first design
  • Enhanced personalization and communication capabilities 
  • Delivered functionality - limits development time
  • Customization capabilities allow the system to meet evolving campus needs
  • Broad integration capabilities - internal and external data sources
  • Industry-leading data security, privacy, and business continuity plans
  • Sophisticated usage analytics


Common Questions

MyNMU is being upgraded. Historically, MyNMU has been used as a centralized location for students, faculty, staff and community members to access information and services related to their educational pursuits or job functions at NMU.  This upgrade will modernize how users access the same information and services. MyNMU and the NMU Mobile App will utilize a single platform, and will be designed to align with the look and feel of NMU's webpage and brand identity.

The services students, faculty, and staff need to access via MyNMU (such as registration functions, e-bill, time entry, etc.) will not change. The upgrade of MyNMU will only change how these services are displayed and accessed.

Students, faculty, and staff will all be impacted by this change. Community members, parents, and prospective students will also benefit from the upgrade.


The current iteration of MyNMU has been in place for over a decade with no significant updates. While the current iteration of MyNMU centralized content and access to resources, it lacked design elements and features that users have come to expect from modern campus portals.


The mobile apps are available in both the App Store and Play Store today. The web portal at will transition to the new platform on Sunday, November 19th at 12pm. This timeframe was chosen due to it being between the bulk of winter registration and final exams. Once the upgraded platform is live, the core team will continually improve the content and features provided in MyNMU.

The updated version will feature a more modern look that will align with the NMU branding. Some concept drafts for the MyNMU upgrade are shown at the top of this page.


MyNMU will be accessible at the same URL:  It will also be accessible through the native iOS and Android apps.

Essentially, the MyNMU upgrade will improve user's ability to navigate MyNMU. It will deliver a mobile-ready, intuitive and user-friendly platform for accessing the information and services they need.  

Yes, employees will submit timesheets through MyNMU. Students will still browse and register for classes in MyNMU. These types of underlying features will not be changing.  The upgraded MyNMU will, however, improve HOW users can access those types of underlying features.

Yes! There will be a new NMU Mobile App available to download. Download instructions will be available once the app has been launched in the App Store and Play Store.

No. Use your NMU login credentials.

Yes! The new MyNMU can either be accessed on a mobile browser or through the native iOS or Android app.


The core team consists of representatives from different IT teams. As the project progresses, this team will meet with various stakeholders across campus to solicit feedback.

New MyNMU dashboard

Contact Information

For help, contact the Technology Support Services Helpdesk.

Office (906) 227-2468