ALL Exchange students are REQUIRED to live in on-campus housing. Housing requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis, so you should apply as soon as possible.

If you are 21 year of age or older you can apply to live in our on-campus apartments (if available) or you can apply to live in Spooner hall (this residence hall is for students 21 and above). Students under 21 are required to live in one of our residence halls.

Residence Hall (dorm)

You can submit your residence hall application one of two ways:

1. Online (requires a credit card)
    a. Go to
    b. Click on "Residence Halls"
    c. Click on "Residence Hall Application" (left side)
    d. Click on "Online Residence Hall Application" (bottom of screen)
    e. At the end you will need to pay your $125 residence hall deposit and you will get a confirmation number. 

2. E-mail or Fax
    a. Download the application at
    b. Click on "Residence Halls"
    c. Click on "Residence Hall Application" (left side)
    d. Print and fill out the complete application
    e. Scan and e-mail it to or fax it to Housing at 906-227-1423.

If you e-mail or fax your residence hall application and you do not have a credit card you will need to wire your $125 housing deposit to NMU. If you have a credit card you can pay through your NMU e-bill or by calling the Student Service Center at 1-906-227-1221.

Pay through NMU E-bill:

  1. Create your NMU Username and password
    1. Once you create your NMU username and password your will them have access to your account which gives you access to your E-bill account, E-mail and many other functions that you will use.
  2. Now you will log into your NMU e-bill account to pay your housing deposit:
    1. Go to https:\\
    2. Log in using your userid and password you just created
    3. Click on the “Student Services” Tab
    4. Click on the “Click here to: under the eBill Payment System (about half way down the page on the left side)"
    5. Wait a minute for the screen to load all information
    6. At the top of the E-Bill screen click on “Deposits” tab
    7. Select “Fall 2015” and click on “Select”
    8. Select “Single ST Apartment" for an apartment or "Residence Hall" for a dorm and click on “Select”
    9. Click on “Make Deposit Payment”
    10. Select your method of payment and follow the remaining instructions
    11. At the end you will get a tracking number for your records.

Apartment (on-campus) 

If you are 21 years of age or older you can apply to live in an on-campus apartment. Please fill in the apartment application and fax it to our Housing office at 906-227-1423.

Submit your $125 Apartment deposit one of the following ways:

1. Wire to NMU
2. Phone - Call the Student Service Center at 1-906-227-1221 to pay with a credit card.
3. NMU E-bill - follow the steps above:

You may remain in your NMU housing during the Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks at no additional cost. Services and meals are NOT provided during these periods. All residence halls are closed on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. immediately following commencement. Halls reopen on the Saturday before the first day of classes. If you plan to arrive early or stay on campus during the Fall semester break (Christmas/New Year), you may arrange to stay in local host settings. You may also make your own arrangements for off-campus housing during these periods.

Health Care Services

Northern operates a health center (clinic) on campus, and your student insurance is accepted there. The health center provides many health care services, including prescription drugs and appropriate specialty referrals. The regional hospital, Marquette General, is located only one block from campus.

Health Insurance

ALL international students at Northern Michigan University are required to purchase the University’s basic health coverage. This insurance provides you with full and continuous coverage through a U.S. based insurance company. It includes both medical evacuation and repatriation. The NMU insurance does NOT include routine dental or eyeglass coverage. The charge for your health insurance coverage will appear on your first semester bill and must be paid in full. Your insurance will be pro-rated if you attend only one semester.

Academic Calendar

Fall semester classes generally begin on the last Monday in August and finish in mid-December. Winter semester classes generally begin in mid-January and conclude in late April/beginning May.

Arrival Information

You will fly into Sawyer International Airport (airport code: MQT), please let the International Programs Office know your flight information by phone 1-906-227-2510, by fax at 1-906-227-2533, or by e-mail Optional: If you would like NMU to provide you with a blanket, pillow, pillowcase, and twin sheet set for your bed, along with picking you up from the airport and bringing you to your assigned housing, we can provide this optional service for a $80.00 fee. If you would like this service, please send an e-mail to our office at indicating this along with a copy of your complete flight itinerary.


Exchange Students are required to participate the NMU orientation and in the International Student Orientation session coordinated by International Programs. Make your orientation reservation. To do this you will need your NMUIN which can be found on your admissions letter. The cost for NMU's orientation is $75.00 and there is no charge for the International Programs office orientation.

Academic Advisement and Course Registration

Your home institution will work with you to select courses that meet your academic needs. It is best to convey those choices to us at least two to three months prior to your arrival; classes may be full, requiring special permission. A copy of your course registration will remain on file in International Programs.

All Nations Club and Cultural Exchange

You are entering Northern Michigan University as a J-1 Exchange Visitor, a program sponsored by NMU with authorization from the United States State Department. The J-1 Program carries with it a significant expectation of cultural exchange. You will have several opportunities to participate in cross-cultural activities during your time on our campus. Two specific opportunities are described below:

  1. The All Nations Club – a student organization operated by and for students with an interest in international and cross-cultural issues. The Club includes both international students AND American students who have an interest. You will be informed of Club events through your NMU e-mail account. Please remember to check it regularly!
  2. International Programs calls on our international students to help us with presentations to classes, assist with our study abroad fair and other activities as they come up in the campus/Marquette community.