Although NMU does require math competency as a graduation requirement for all bachelor's degree-seeking students, your academic history will determine whether or not you'll need to take a placement test.

You must take the online Math Placement Test unless you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have already earned NMU credit for MA 090 or higher
  • You have earned the NMU transfer credit equivalent of MA 090 or higher
  • You have earned a score of 3 or higher on the AP Calculus Exam

The online Math Placement Test must be completed in a single session (two hour maximum time limit). Please note that taking this unproctored math assessment will only be used for course placement purposes and does not meet the Math Competency requirement for the NMU General Education Program.

Global Campus Students Only - Follow these instructions to complete the Math Placement Test:

  1. Log in to the Math Placement Exam
  2. Enter your MyNMU username and password when prompted
  •     If you have not yet set up your username and password yet, follow these instructions (requires NMU Identification Number).
  •     Your NMU Identification Number (IN) can be found in your official letter of acceptance or by call calling the NMU Global Campus: 906-227-1200.

Before you begin the test, you'll be guided through a short tutorial detailing how to use the placement test system and which tools you'll be able to access while testing.

Questions can be directed to the Academic and Career Advisement Center: