Global Campus Students have their own online orientation available to them. This self-paced orientation is different from transfer online orientation and includes all varieties of Global Campus Students (First Year, Transfer, Non-Degree, etc.). The Global Campus Online Orientation is only available to online and distance education learners. 

Once you have registered, an online orientation access link will appear when you are logged in to the "Register Now" page. 

After logging in to the online orientation system, global campus students have access to the following resources:

  • A series of informational presentations on topics including academic policies, graduation and program requirements, information about transferring credits, contact information for academic departments, and on-campus resources such as the Dean of Students Office, Student Success Department, Center for Student Enrichment, etc.
  • A downloadable checklist of things to do after orientation, before attending NMU
  • Downloadable documents including information about academic resources, finances, registration, important dates, and more. 

The online orientation should take approximately one to two hours to complete; the system will save the student's progress and will allow the user to log out and back in. Once a student views each portion and successfully completes a quiz about each, the orientation program is complete. After the hold is lifted during the designated registration time you will able to register for courses. Completing the online orientation is mandatory and helps prepare a Global Campus Student for their time here with Northern Michigan University.