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How do I know when I should register for courses?

All students are assigned course registration times for the fall and winter semesters. Times are determined by the number of completed credits to date. You can find your assigned time at under the Student Services tab. You can register any time after your assigned time. 

Students enrolled in online degree programs are assigned a time that will allow them first choice for certain online course sections. However, spots are not held for online learners, so we strongly encourage you to register as close to your assigned time as possible to make sure you receive a “seat” in the virtual classroom you desire. To get an idea of how registration times are assigned, review the registration week schedule.

How do I register for courses?

Registration is the same for any admitted NMU student. Once admitted, students must complete an on-campus or online orientation to remove their initial registration hold. Returning students must check to be sure that there are no registration holds on their student account, such as an advisor hold or student account balance hold. Additional details about the various types of holds that could keep a student from registering are explained through NMU's hold policy

For fall and spring registration, students will have an assigned date and time, which is the earliest point possible they will have access to the registration program. Registration for summer courses does not require an assigned registration time. 



To actually register for courses, first go to MyNMU, then follow these steps:

  • Enter your user ID and password.*
  • Click the Student Services folder tab.
  • Click the Academic Services folder tab.
  • Under the Registration heading, click Add or Drop Classes.
  • Select the appropriate term, (i.e. Fall 2016) and click Submit.
  • Your registration time is displayed. You may begin registering for classes at that time.
  • To register, simply put the course registration numbers (CRN) in the boxes at the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes option. If you discover a conflict or if the computer indicates a problem, such as a time conflict, you can drop a course on this same page.
  • Be sure that if your course requires a lecture along with a lab and/or discussion group, you have registered for all required parts of the course. When students get an error message that won’t allow them to register for a particular course it is usually because a part of the course is missing. Lectures, labs and discussion groups will all have CRNs.

*Students who do not know or have forgotten their user ID and password can go to to look it up or reset it.

Registration Tips

  • Check on for any registration holds.
  • Know your (e-mail) user ID and password. Students who do not know or have forgotten their user ID and password can go to to look it up or reset it.
  • You can prepare for registration by reviewing the available classes through in advance of your assigned registration time.
  • On a grid sheet, plot out the courses you have selected to ensure that there are no time conflicts between the courses.
  • Have an alternate schedule planned.
  • Call the HelpDesk at 906-227-2468 if you do not see the Student Services tab in MyNMU.
  • If you experience problems you cannot resolve while registering for courses, contact the Student Service Center, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at 906-227-1221 or If you experience computer-related registration problems, contact the HelpDesk, at or 906-227-2468.
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What do I need for each class?

NMU has designed its online degree courses and programs to facilitate learning while allowing for flexible instruction. You will find that not all courses will be conducted in an identical manner. For instance, some may include chat-room use and discussion groups while others may not. Once you have registered for courses, contact each instructor for further details on how his or her course will be delivered.

All NMU online courses are taught through our NMU EduCat™ Learning Management System, which is powered by Moodle. To learn more about how EduCat can help you view course materials, communicate with instructors and fellow students, complete assignments and quizzes, etc. view the instructional material available through the EduCat home page.

Faculty members may provide the NMU Bookstore with information about what textbooks and materials will be required for their courses. This information is available on the Bookstore’s Web site about six weeks prior to the start of the semester. You can pre-order books prior to the semester and request delivery. The bookstore staff strongly recommends that you keep your receipts so if you need to return books. Questions regarding textbooks, syllabi for courses, the possible necessity of a proctor for exams and other non-technical questions are best answered by your instructors.

If you have additional questions, suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please check back here regularly, as our course offerings change each semester and new programs are being developed.