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  • June 10th-12th - FULL
  • June 17th-19th - FULL
  • June 24th-26th - FULL
  • July 1st-3rd
  • July 8th-10th - FULL

Freshman Student Sample Schedule

Freshman Guest Sample Schedule


  • June 7th
  • Online Orientation (ongoing)

Transfer Student Sample Schedule

Transfer Guest Sample Schedule

Commuter, Non-Traditional, & Veteran:

  • June 21st

Commuter, Non-Traditional, & Veteran Student Sample Schedule

Commuter, Non-Traditional & Veteran Guest Sample Schedule

Global Campus:

  • Online Orientation (ongoing)


*Do NOT use your high school email when registering!  Please note: High school emails are deactivated when a student graduates. Please provide an email address you will be able to access after graduation.* 



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If you have any questions about Orientation, please contact us at (906) 227-1707, or

Summer Office hours are: 

Monday - Friday 7:30 - 4:00


Still have questions??  Visit our YouTube page to check out our Informational Video Library!



New Freshmen

The First Year Student Orientation caters to students new to any university and transfer students with under 12 credits. The First Year Student Program focuses on how to become a successful student at NMU.  The program spends considerable time covering the different academic and social aspects of the university. Students will prepare for the start of the first semester through sessions that cover topics like academic planning, course scheduling, financial resources, and getting involved. 



Transfer Students

The Transfer Student Orientation understands that transfer students, those with 12+ post-high school credits, already have a good grasp on the college experience. The Transfer Student Orientation provides the information necessary for transfer students to transition to a brand new university. Transfer students will hear from relevant departments, and will interact with their academic adviser for course selection.




Commuter, Non-Traditional, and Veteran Students

For Commuter Students (students living within 60 miles), Non-Traditional students (students over the age of 24), and Veteran students the college experience can be a little different. Commuter, Non-Traditional, and Veteran Orientation provides students with the opportunity to learn about the integral departments across campus and time to prepare for their first semester.  


Global Campus

Global Campus Students

The Global Campus Student Orientation is for all Online and Distance Learners. The Global Student Orientation provides all the information a new online student would need to start their experience at NMU. Global Students will receive all of the information a new or transfer student would receive, except catered towards the Online experience. 



Parents weekend


Northern Michigan University is excited to share this time with you. We know some of you have a lot of questions, or just want to know more about the opportunities and resources available to your student during their time at NMU. Our in-person family/guest orientation includes important information about your students' transition to college as well as information about financial aid, residence hall payments and options, health insurance, student rights and responsibilities, and more.

All family/guest orientation information can be found on our Family/Guest page. Check out our virtual family/guest orientation playlist of videos on NMU's YouTube channel from key departments on campus to share information.


Helpful tips for a Wildcat Parent

Helpful Tips for a Wildcat Parent

Sending your child away to college can be scary, even if they are considered adults now. Let us help ease your worries by answering some of your most frequently asked questions regarding jobs, vehicles, weather, living on campus, keeping in contact, and more.


Busting 10 myths

Busting 10 Myths About NMU

Going into freshman year at NMU, I was nervous about many things that turned out to be not at all what I had expected. These are some common myths about the NMU college experience.

Everything You Need To Know About NMU 😼

10 Reasons Why You Should Be A Wildcat

Wildcat, Oh, Wildcat. The Places You'll Go.

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