NMU Northern Center

Strategic Resource Allocation

In 2016, NMU began the first phases of strategic planning. Our challenge is adequately allocating our limited university resources – especially those of people, time and money – so that these great ideas can become reality. To do this, we must fully understand how and to what level programs and services contribute to our success so we can make additional investments in those that are, or have the potential, to perform exceptionally well. After a semester-long deliberation, NMU hired consultant Larry Goldstein of Campus Strategies, LLC to help guide us through this process. 

This is not intended to be a cost-cutting exercise. Rather, we intend to evaluate all academic and non-academic programs and services and their resource allocations. To assess needs for higher levels of contribution to the university’s overall success. In particular, we want to make additional investments in programs that are, or have the potential, to perform exceptionally well.

Typically, this process from beginning to end takes no more than one year. It concludes with the submission of a report of recommendations to the President and members of the university’s governing board. This process will be undertaken in a transparent manner. This means that, with the exception of the deliberations regarding individual programs and the other inner workings of the task forces, all facets of the process will be shared widely and updated regularly.

Our project co-chairs are Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Kerri Schuiling and Vice President for Finance & Administration Gavin Leach. They will lead the Coordinating Committee to oversee the project's process and implementation.