Strategic Resource Allocation Timeline

Prioritization typically takes nine to twelve months although, with an appropriate commitment of campus resources and expeditious decision making, it can be completed in a shorter time frame. A key factor is the number of academic programs and support functions that must be reviewed. Smaller colleges frequently can accelerate the process because they have fewer programs and functions.

The timeline below represents the major tasks to be completed during this process on NMU's campus:

January - February
  • Co-champions appointed
  • Consultant identified and retained
February - March
  • Preparation begins with key internal decisions and community information/education sessions conducted
  • Recruitment/appointment of Task Force members
March - April
  • Task Force kickoff training meetings
  • Criteria and weighting established
  • Decision-making protocol determined
  • Program classification structure established
  • Selection of Task Force co-chairs
March - May
  • Website activated
  • Preliminary program identification and distribution between Task Forces
  • Quantitative review data loaded
April - July
  • Task Forces finalize unit of analysis and verify program assignments to each Task Force
  • Templates published as electronic forms on internal website
  • Templates finalized
August - '17 - January 2018*
  • Templates sent to departments for completion, based on dissemination schedule
  • Completed templates due to each Task Force, based on deadline provided to departments

November '17 - July 2018

  • Task Forces analyze templates and prepare draft reports

November '17 - July 2018

  • Task Forces analyze templates and prepare draft reports
August 2018
  • University community reviews reports and provides comments

August/Sept 2018


  • Administration responds to reports
  • Implementation/planning begins


October 2018
  • Executive council posts decisions and tentative implementation plan to SRS website.  Required review process of decisions by Educational Policy Committee (EPC), Academic Senate, AAUP and NMUFA begins.     

*Timeline Adjusted July 2018