The SRA Implementation Task Force (ITF) began meeting to review the reports on August 6th, 2018. Its focus is to identify which recommendations from each task force that it supports for implementation. All feedback from the campus community is considered during the review. Additionally, the ITF reviews what has occurred to specific programs since the 2015-16 academic year. Feedback and current information are considered prior to making final decisions about which recommendations to implement.

The ITF recommendations are sent to the president for his review. The president will discuss the recommendations considered for implementation with the ITF prior to making final determinations about implementation. His final decisions on implementation will be brought to the NMU Board of Trustees at its December 2018 meeting.

The timeline for the SRA process is on the SRA website. Changes to the SRA timeline are announced in Campus Connect and are on the SRA website. 

Comments from the campus community are accepted for a period of 30 days once the SRA reports are posted. The decision was made to post the reports and recommendations on Friday, August 24th, 2018 which is the week faculty return to campus to begin the 2018-2018 academic year. 

Comments can be submitted via the feedback link on the SRA site. Comments are limited to about 200 words and the person submitting the comment is automatically identified with her or his comment. If the ITF needs additional information or explanation, an ITF representative will contact you directly. All comments are shared on the SRA website. 

Programs and/or services that are in the fifth quintile are not automatically identified for elimination or phase out. Some are not able to be eliminated for various reasons (i.e. they are required to have on a university campus) and others may be transformed or combined through collaborative efforts to better align with the university’s mission and strategic plan. It is important to emphasize that all contractual agreements are honored throughout the process.

No recommendations will be implemented until after the President brings a formal proposal to the NMU Board of Trustees for approval in December 2018.

The focus of SRA is a strategic alignment of the university programs and services; it is not intended as a budget-cutting exercise. 

Resources identified in the process are reallocated to those programs that are mission-centric and align with the university’s strategic plan. These programs have the greatest likelihood of moving the university forward and adding value to the university overall.

However, it is true that final, approved recommendations will impact some positions and people at NMU. A number of departments will experience some level of change as we move forward with implementation of the recommendations.

It is not possible to know which jobs or which people may be impacted at this time, as there are many factors, including our current collective bargaining agreements, which must be considered. The Executive Council will work to ensure that employees are kept informed throughout the process. 

All employees are encouraged to communicate with their supervisors regarding questions specific to their personal circumstances. In turn, supervisors should bring concerns to the appropriate campus leader for discussion and response.

If your program/service area is in quintile 4, it means that members of the review task force (academic program or support programs) recognize the potential for the program to assist the university in moving toward its mission and strategic goals. 

What this means for an individual program/service will vary significantly. Supervisors/department heads will work closely with departments on changes that will enable the program to better support Northern’s mission and strategic plan.

Once final recommendations are approved, the supervisors will work with appropriate leaders within each campus area to start developing implementation plans. In some cases, this will also mean working with Finance and Administration regarding potential budget implications and when and how department budgets will be prioritized for future investment. Implementation planning and action will begin following the NMU Board of Trustees' approval of the recommendations at the December 2018 meeting.