Have no idea what to do with your life? Are you struggling to choose between 2 or more majors? Understanding how your personality and interests match up to six career tracks based on personality types developed by John Holland, Ph.D. can help you choose courses that are interesting and a career where you can succeed. Below is a simplified exercise which aids you in identifying your top occupational types. Read each of the six occupational types and rank them based on which ones you share the most to least common personality traits, skills, and interests highlighted in the descriptions. 

More than likely, you will discover that you identify with more than one occupational type; that is a natural occurrence considering the occupations listed in the Career Tracks are influenced by more than one type. When you are done, review the matching careers described in the top-ranked occupational types you have chosen. Then record the careers that appeal to you.

You May Be Realistic

If you are: practical, straightforward, mechanically inclined, persistent, conforming, thrifty

If you can: fix electrical things, solve mechanical problems, operate tools and machinery, repair cars, build things

Matching Careers: mechanic, restaurant cook, industry supervisor, computer-aided design technician, fish & game warden, mechanical engineer

You May Be Investigative

If you are: inquisitive, analytical, scientific, observant, precise, independent, cautious, curious

If you can: solve math problems, understand physics theories, interpret formulas, perform experiments

Matching Careers: biologist, chemical engineer, clinical laboratory scientist, electronics technician, geographer, pharmacist, physician, veterinarian

You May Be Artistic

If you are: creative, expressive, intuitive, imaginative, open, and individualistic

If you can: sketch, draw, paint, play a musical instrument, sing, dance, design fashions or interiors, write stories, write poetry

Matching Careers: actor, artist, architect, art teacher, reporter, high school English teacher, illustrator, interior designer, music teacher, photographer, editor, musician, dancer, archivist

You May Be Social

If you are: friendly, helpful, warm, understanding, sympathetic, social, patient

If you can: teach/train others, lead a group discussion, mediate disputes, make people feel at ease, cooperate well with others, understand social relationships

Matching Careers: dietician, elementary teacher, nurse, parole officer, child care worker, police officer, physical therapist, school psychologist, social worker, speech pathologist, YMCA/YWCA director, recreation leader

You May Be Enterprising

If you are: self-confident, persuasive, energetic, adventurous, sociable, optimistic, assertive

If you can: convince people to do things your way, sell things or promote ideas, give talks or speeches, organize activities or events, supervise the work of others

Matching Careers: public relations representative, computer salesperson, politician, credit manager, business education instructor, lawyer, restaurant manager, sales manager, corporation executive, museum director

You May Be Conventional

If you are: numerically inclined, methodical, conscientious, efficient, practical, conforming

If you can: work well within a system, do a lot of paperwork in a short time, keep accurate records, use a computer terminal, write effective business letters

Matching Careers: accountant, bank teller, computer programmer, word processor, secretary, editorial assistant, financial analyst, bookkeeper

Where To Go From Here

Following this Career Tracks exercise, it would be good to attend the "Identify Your Career Choices" workshop offered by ACAC staff. This workshop leads you through the Holland "Self-Directed Search Career Assessment," which will in greater detail reflect your occupational types. The workshop will then provide information on how to move directly to reference resource materials connected to these occupations. The ACAC staff member will suggest additional career planning activities which will benefit your search for a major and career.

Please contact the Academic and Career Advisement Center at 906-227-2971 if you have any questions about career development and what steps would be best for you to take next.