The Academic Support Program has been designed for students who have been conditionally admitted to NMU.  Students remain in the program until they reach academic good standing by attaining a 2.00 NMU GPA.

Students in the program will take Reading and Writing Assessments at Orientation, then will be placed in blocks appropriate to their scores for their first semester. A "block" consists of a 2-credit Freshman Seminar course (UN100B), 2-3 General Education courses, and may also include an academic support course as an introduction to success in college. Unique to the Academic Support Program, the Freshman Seminar instructor will also serve as the academic adviser to the students enrolled in his/her UN100B course.


UN100B Freshman Seminar

2 Credit Hours

General Elective Credit for Any Major

EC101 Introduction to Economics

4 Credit Hours

General Education Perspective on Society

English Composition (Based on Writing Assessment)

4-5 Credit Hours

Must Pass with Grade of 'C' or Better

General Education Effective Communication

EN 125 Introduction to Film

4 Credit Hours

General Education Human Expression

* Based on Reading Score, Students May Be Enrolled In: EN 103 - Academic Literacy and Study - 4 Credit Hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a support, services and resources program.  NMU grants admission to students we believe have potential for success.  Our determination of “potential” is based on information we receive during the application process.  We made a determination that we may need to provide you with some extra help and/or support to ensure that you become successful in college.

That is completely up to you.  Most students achieve good standing (2.0 cumulative GPA) by the end of their first semester.  If you work hard, and accept our assistance, you have an excellent chance of being a successful college student.  In the fall of 2018, 82% attained good standing after the first semester.   

Each student will be required to complete placement tests in composition and reading at Orientation.  Based on the results, you will be placed in a required “block” of courses, which includes UN100/Freshman Seminar.  The instructor for this course will also serve as your academic adviser.  The 15-25 students within the UN100/Freshman Seminar will also be in most, if not all courses together.

Each student will be enrolled in the same courses as other freshmen. You will be able to complete your degree on time and treated as a college student.  Therefore, you will be accountable for your actions, have to step forward for assistance, and not receive any guarantees.  Attendance and a strong work ethic are essential to being a successful college student.

One semester.  Students at NMU, regardless of their admission status, must meet NMU proficiency standards.  If you achieve a 2.00 GPA in your first semester, you will be in good standing.  If your GPA falls below a 2.00, (but more than 0.00) you will be placed on either Academic or Warning Probation.  Your cumulative NMU GPA will determine the level of probation. 

If you fail to earn more than a 0.00 GPA in your first semester, you will be academically suspended for one calendar year.  In these instances, it is best to review the NMU Appeals Policy with your academic adviser.

We place 15-25 students in the same “block” of courses.  The block is dependent on your placement testing results at Orientation.  Each block will consist of 14-15 credits. By participating in a block, it is easy for students to get to know classmates, share notes, form study groups/tutoring sessions, participate in campus activities, etc.

Once we receive the results of the placement tests taken at Orientation.  The following day you will meet with your academic adviser and be able to review your schedule.  If you fail to take your placement tests, you will not receive a schedule until they are completed.

Typically, no.  It would defeat the purpose of “blocking” students into the same courses if we started substituting.  If you have credit coming into the University, we will not enroll you in a course for which you already received credit.

Only if it does not alter the remaining courses within the block.  An addition would consist of either a one or two credit course, as the block is 14-15 credits in the first semester.  The flat rate tuition at NMU is 12-16 credits.

We are quite confident that you will either attain academic good standing or remain at NMU after your first semester.  We, therefore, will work with you to register for courses in your major for your second semester.  In the fall of 2019, 98% were able to return for the second semester.

Mark Dellangelo, Assistant Director – Academic and Career Advisement Center; 906-227-2971 or