Students who choose to submit SAT/ACT scores will initially be placed into appropriate math and major courses based on their SAT or ACT math subscore. Since test scores are not required and will not be considered in admissions decisions, if a student has not submitted SAT or ACT scores, they will be contacted by their assigned academic adviser to complete further testing that will allow them to be in the courses that they need. Students are also welcome to complete further testing if they are not satisfied with their initial math placement based on their SAT or ACT subscore. For more information about your specific placement or further testing, please reach out to your assigned academic adviser.

Students who take the ALEKS math placement test are able to retake the ALEKS Math Placement test two additional times if they choose to. Prior to retaking the test, a student must complete five hours of remediation within the ALEKS system and wait one week between test dates.


NMU Math Placements based on ALEKS Test Score

ALEKS Score Math Placement at NMU
0 -13 OC080 - General Mathematics
14-29 MA090 - Beginning Algebra

MA100 - Intermediate Algebra

MSED150 - Math for Elementary Teacher 1


MA109 - Intro to Probability and Statistics

MA111 - College Algebra - Calculus Prep

MA113 - Finite Mathematics

​​​​CS120 - Computer Science 1

61-75 MA115 - Precalculus
76-100 MA161 - Calculus 1

If you have questions about any of this, please contact your adviser or the Academic and Career Advisement Center at

At this time, we do not have specific math retesting dates scheduled. If you are looking to retest though, please send an email to with your name, IN and email address and we will reach out to you with retesting options.