With the endless career possibilities in today’s job market, it is not surprising that you may feel overwhelmed about deciding on a career. Simply put, people have limited knowledge on the range of career possibilities that are available. Career exploration allows you to begin discovering all the opportunities you have once you have completed your academics. Do not think that career exploration is only for seniors or undeclared students. All students benefit from career exploration and the sooner the better! By gaining an early understanding of the professional world, you can be proactive about gaining experience which will build your skills, resume and preparation for your future career.

Career Exploration Assessments

Self-assessment is the process of learning more about yourself - what you like, what you do not like, how you react to certain situations, what you are good at and where you have room for improvement. Knowing your skills, interest, personality and values can help you determine your major and career path. 

Career Exploration Resources

Career exploration is a rewarding experience. The process helps you identify your skills, interests and values. Not to mention it is your opportunity to enroll in a variety of courses, participate in extracurricular activities and experience jobs that you may not have even known existed. All of which can lead you to a career that is a perfect fit.

Career Exploration Campus Resources

Nothing will give you a better idea if a career is for you than gaining exposure. Career experiencing offers an opportunity to spend time in a field of interest and get first-hand experience. It allows you a chance to see what working in a specific job is like as you observe the day-to-day activities of someone currently working in the industry.