2024 Election Ballot Results

The results for the 2024 ASNMU General Election Ballot Results are as follows: 



Cassidy Gibson                     480

Dana Hinckley                      660


Vice President

Kelly Ryan                              507

Ruby Joseph                          628


The Woods Representative 

Naomi Allen                           304


Quad II (The Quad) Representative

Jack Belcher                          302


College of Arts and Science Representative

Ava Wilson                            262

Benjamin Doriot                   192

Halle Johnson                        255


Referendum Question 1

(Do you approve the $13.88 increase to the Student Activity Fee?)

Yes                              738

No                               429


Referendum Question 2

(Do you approve the revisions to the ASNMU
Constitution with updates to match our current
operation? Updates include, representation for
Spooner and Spalding Halls, but no longer
representation for Gant, Halverson, and Payne
Halls, added guidance for executive roles,
grammar edits, and the rebranding of our
Public Relations Committee?)

Yes                              1090

No                               44


Voting for the referendum questions is non-binding. Meaning that although supported by the students, the Board of Trustees must also vote on whether or not to enact the referendum question results.

2024 Winter Elections Packet

A copy of the winter elections packet can be found here


Please note that the elections cycle has closed for the year and voting has taken place already.

Archives of Past Elections

As results from the past election cycles are collected, they will be available for review below.