The Student Finance Committee is charged with allocating funds from the Student Activity Fee to student organizations that submit budget requests. This is how many groups on campus receive funding for their programming, such as Campus Cinema's movies and the annual Drag Show. If you are interested in requesting funds from SFC, please contact the ASNMU Treasurer/SFC Chairperson.

View the open positions here. If you wish to join SFC, please fill out and submit an application form located on the ASNMU website.

The following are the members of the Student Finance Committee for Winter of 2023.


Eli White

Treasurer & SFC Chairperson
Office Hours:

T: 1P-3P

Alana Kuhlen

Secretary of Finance (906) 227-2452
Office Location:

Northern Center 1203

Office Hours:

M & W: 9A-10A; 11A-2:30P
T & R: 9A-10A; 11A-1P

SFC Board Members


Gwen Feamster

Hunter McArthur



Nicole Shoup

Orientation Program Director (906) 227-1707

SFC Open Positions


Job Description - The Student Finance Committee (SFC) is a standing committee of ASNMU and is entrusted with the allocation of funds from the Student Discretionary Activity Fee. Any registered student organization wishing to sponsor a program or activity that will benefit the student body may apply for funding. Examples of past expenditures include lectures, films, concerts, dances, and special events. It is the committee members' responsibility to consider, analyze, and determine the eligibility and legitimacy of the expenditures of these funds. 

SFC typically meets every week, but is at the discretion of the SFC Chair and depends on the number of budget requests that must be reviewed. Winter 2023 meetings are held at 6:30 on Tuesday evenings in the ASNMU office (located at 1203 in the University Center).

Students should be attending meetings regularly if you are interested in applying. Applications submitted will be held for the entirety of the semester in which they are submitted and if any position opens during the semester, applicants will be contacted to set up an interview. 

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