About ASNMU's General Assembly

The General Assembly is the legislative branch of ASNMU, responsible for developing legislation and overseeing the progress of ASNMU initiatives. Assembly meetings are held weekly and public opinion is always welcome.

Leadership of the General Assembly

The Chair of the Assembly is responsible for the operation of the General Assembly. This includes running the weekly meetings and serving as the Chief Legislator of the Legislative Branch. The Chair of the Assembly is chosen by the General Assembly itself from among its voting members. The 2023 Chair of the Assembly is Janessa Brown.

Division of the General Assembly

Representatives serve on either the Academic Affairs Board or the Student Affairs Board depending on how they represent students. They also serve on at least one university committee and work on various ASNMU projects.

We encourage you to check out the current committees. If there is something you would like to see us pursue, please send us a suggestion.

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for handling student concerns regarding academics at NMU and implementing programs to further enhance the academic experience at NMU.

Academic Affairs consists of 4 College of Arts & Sciences representatives, 3 College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies representatives, 2 General Studies representatives, 1 College of Business Representative, 1 College of Technical & Occupational Studies representative, and 1 Graduate Studies representative. These numbers are subject to change depending on Semester Enrollment numbers.

If you have any academic related concerns, please contact your ASNMU representative and see what we can do for you!

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee is responsible for handling student concerns regarding student life including housing, dining services, and campus to community connections. The Board creates and maintains projects that will benefit student life. Examples of Student Affairs projects include: the Wildcat Wallet program and the 24 Hour Study Lounge.

The Student Affairs Committee represents students based on where they live. There are 12 positions on the Student Affairs Board: 1 Quad I representative, 2 Woods representatives, 2 Quad 2 representatives, 1 up-campus representative, 1 on-campus apartment’s representative, and 6 off-campus representatives. These numbers are subject to change depending on Semester Enrollment Numbers.

ASNMU 2022-2023 General Assembly

Headshot for Janessa

Janessa Brown

Chair of the Assembly

Office Hours:

F: 4p-6p

Additional Title:

Director of Public Relations

Alana Kuhlen Headshot

Alana Kuhlen

Secretary of Board

asnmu@nmu.edu (906) 227-2452
Office Hours:

MW: 9a -10a; 11a - 2:30p
T&TR: 9a- 10a; 11a-1p

Student Affairs Board

Headshot for Miya

Miya Ohashi Berg

Chair of Student Affairs

Office Hours:

W: 3p - 5p

Additional Title:

Off-Campus Representative

Caleb Nimee Headshot

Caleb Nimee

Off-Campus Representative


Dana Hinckley

On-Campus Apartments Representative

Office Hours:

TR: 10a-12p


Darcy Resch

Woods Representative

Office Hours:

T: 9a-11a

Cassidy Gibson

Quad II Representative

Office Hours:

Tuesday 3-5p

Alec headshot

Alec LePlante

Director of External Affairs

Additional Title:

Off-Campus Representative

Office Hours:

TR: 12p -1p
F: 11:30a - 12:30p

Academic Affairs Board

Kelly Ryan

Additional Title:

College of Business

Office Hours:

T: 4p-5p
W: 5p-6p


Ivy Fowler

College of Arts & Sciences Representative

Office Hours:

TR: 10a-12p

Halle Johnson

College of Arts & Sciences Representative

Office Hours:

T: 2:15p-2:45p
W: 1p-2:30p


Brooke Perttu

R.J headshot

RJ Coon


Mitchell Fugate



Carter Wilson portrait

Carter Wilson

Dept. Head, Political Science

carwilso@nmu.edu (906) 227-1502

Simon Moesch

Embedded Success Specialist

smoesch@nmu.edu 906-227-1784

Open Positions


Below is a list of the positions open for the 2022 - 2023 school year. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions please fill out an application here or stop in our office and pick up a paper application.

Academic Affairs Representatives

  • General University Programs (2)

  • College of Arts and Sciences (2)

  • College of Graduate Studies (1)

  • College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies (3)

  • College of Technology and Occupational Sciences (1)

Student Affairs Representatives

  • Quad I (1)

  • Quad II (1)

  • Woods (1)

  • Spooner (1)

  • Off-Campus (3)