University Committees are the fundamental decision-makers on our campus, and they are great opportunities for students to give their input and gain experience working with faculty and staff on campus.

Any student may be appointed to serve on a University Committee. To apply for a position please fill out an application and email to or drop off in the ASNMU Office (1203 UC).

ASNMU General Assembly representatives must serve on at least one University committee each academic year.

If you have any questions about University Committees, please contact us! These committees are frequently changing, and the information here may not be accurate.


These are some of the University Committees at NMU:

(This list will be updated as committee descriptions and numbers become available)

Admissions and Academic Policies Committee (AAPC)

Respond to issues relevant to academic advisement & academic proficiency; conducts periodic review and evaluation of the Undergraduate Academic Proficiency Policies; hears and acts on academic appeals.

Chair: Ruth Watry

Academic Information Services Advisory Committee (AISAC)

Consists of multiple units and functions: Lydia Olson Library, Computing Helpdesk (ACS), Instructional Design and Technology (IDT), and Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives.

Acts as a liaison to represent the faculty by making recommendations fo the Academic Senate.

Chair: Glenn Wrate

Academic Senate

Advises and makes recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on matters of faculty-wide concern to their respective constituencies & informs the academic community of issues under consideration.  For more information, visit the Academic Senate webpage.

Chair: Norma Froelich

Athletic Council

Advisory to the President of the University on matters pertaining to intercollegiate athletics. Final authority on changes of policy governing the operation of the intercollegiate athletic program rests with the President. For more detailed information, visit the athleticcouncil webpage.

Chair: Julie Rochester 

Campus Master Plan

Advise University administration on implementation/updating of the Campus Master Plan. The committee will review proposals for the development or renovation of campus buildings and land to ensure that the proposals are consistent with the University's Campus Master Plan.

Chair: Thomas Meravi

Committee on Elections and Committees (CEC)

Major standing committee on Academic Senate.  Conduct elections as directed by Academic Senate; fill vacancies when they develop on standing committees of Academic Senate; recommend changes in the size and structure of committees of the Academic Senate.

Chair: Sarah Breen

Committee on Internationalization (COI)

Standing subcommittee of Academic Senate.  Advises Senate about policies that address internationalization at NMU and supports faculty efforts to internationalize curriculum and campus community.

Chair: Maryam Khaledi

Committee on Undergraduate Programs (CUP)

Responsible for all matters relating to undergraduate courses and curricula.  Reviews proposals for new courses and programs; changes in program requirements; modifications of courses; changes in departmental names; deletion of courses and programs.

Chair: David Pierce

Educational Technology Resources and Policy Committee (ETRPC)

Provides communication forum for Educational Technological issues that promotes understanding and utilization of educational technology for enhancement of instruction, and advises the Academic Senate regarding acquisition and support of educational technology resources.

Chair: P.W. Mengyan

Faculty Grants Committee (FGC)

A standing committee of the Academic Senate that's primary function is to evaluate and recommend funding for grant proposals for several funding programs.

Chair: Mollie Freier

Food Advisory Board (FAB)

Student representatives selected by ASNMU that meet several times a semester with Dining staff to discuss the facilities, retail, and the convenience store.  For more information, visit the Food Advisory Board webpage.

Chair: Paul Schoonveld

General Education Council (GEC)

Reviews graduation requirements; courses within the general education program; currently working on developing the new general education program to replace the current liberal studies program.  

Chair: James Cantrill

Graduate Programs Committee (GPC)

Responsible for matters related to graduate programs.  Review and development of criteria for graduate courses/programs; appointment of graduate faculty; admission/expulsion of graduate students; selection/utilization of graduate assistants and quality of instruction for all graduate courses, taught on and off campus.

Chair: Frankie McCormick 

 Honors Board (HBC)

Encourages excellence for undergraduate students of exceptional academic promise by offering opportunities for individual learning, collaborative innovation, and close cooperation with faculty.

Chair: Jonathan Allen

Liberal Studies Committee (LSC)

A sub-committee of Academic Senate that oversees the Liberal Studies Program by reviewing existing courses; new courses for inclusion in program; goals/objectives of program itself; executing an outcome-based assessment of program.

North Wind Board of Directors

An opportunity to work with a dedicated group of students, faculty, and community members and gain experience in management, public relations, journalism ethics, and more by overseeing the North Wind Editorial and Business staff and handles financial/managerial decisions that affect the weekly student newspaper.  Meets monthly.  For more information, visit the North Wind contact page.

Interim Chair: Jane Milkie

Parking and Traffic Committee

Serves as central clearinghouse for complaints (other than traffic violations), suggestions and recommendations concerning both traffic and parking matters.  Reviews traffic flow patterns and parking needs and then make recommendations required to the President's Council for review and action to solve.  In cooperation with Public Safety and Police Services, this committee will review the parking code and traffic violations manual, motor vehicle registration fees and the parking fine schedule on a regular basis and suggest changes and modifications as required.  For more information, visit the Parking and Traffic Committee webpage.

Chair: Mike Bath 

President's Committee on Diversity

Formally known as the Ethnic Culture Diversity Committee (ECDC).  Now this committee represents the students, faculty, and staff of NMU and hopes to increase awareness of diversity increase opportunities in the area.  For more detailed information, visit the Committees webpage.

President's Roundtable (Housing)

A group of hall leaders who meet regularly with Housing and Residence Life staff, all-campus student government (Associated Students of Northern Michigan University, or ASNMU) and university administrations.  For more information, visit the Hall Government webpage that discusses how you can play a role.

Chair: Catherine Hardenbergh

Radio X Board of Directors

Meets monthly to help guide Radio X (WUPX); NMU's radio Station.  For more information, visit the Radio X webpage.

Teaching and Learning Advisory Council (TLAC)

Standing committee of Academic Senate to help meet NMU's mission (forming academic programs) by stimulating creation of campus culture that values, promotes, recognizes, and rewards excellence in teaching and learning in proportion to stated significance in the university mission.

Chair: Amy Barnsley