Amanda Studinger

Special Instructor

Contact Information:

Office:  3116 WSTN

Phone:  906-227-2917



Amanda Studinger received her B.S. in Chemistry from Northern Michigan University in 2011. She began her professional career in the chemical industry with research and development,chemical manufacturing, quality assurance, and environmental consulting. Her work included inorganic chemical synthesis, phases II-IV pharmaceutical manufacturing, biological product research and compliance, and environmental compliance. Amanda joined the Department of Chemistry at Northern Michigan University as an adjunct special instructor before continuing her studies at Michigan Technological University. Amanda is a PhD candidate with the Department of Chemistry at Michigan Technological University studying theoretical physical chemistry under the direction of Dr. Valenzano-Slough. Her research is focused on the intermolecular interactions of active pharmaceutical ingredient cocrystal conformers and interstellar polycyclic hydrocarbons; gas diffusion through metal-organic frameworks, and terahertz spectroscopy of energetic materials and nitro musks. Applications include improved product development and environmental risk assessments, proof of concept of computational methods, increased understanding of abiogenesis, and detection methods for homeland security. Amanda hopes to bring her industry and research experience into the classroom to help the next generation of working professionals.

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