Studio 102 at NMU

Studio 102

Extended Learning and Community Engagement, the Center for Teaching and Learning, along with Broadcast and AV services have created Studio 102.

Funded in part by the Distance Education fee, Studio 102 is a new space for Online Media Production.  This recording space is set up as a quiet place for faculty to record content for online courses and explore Virtual Reality tools.  Lighting, sound, and even a lightboard have been designed for excellent recording capabilities.  A lightboard is a glass board that is internally lit and recorded through so that instructors can write on it while making ‘eye contact' with their audience.

The room is set up with a recording area and is acoustically treated.  There is also an editing computer for preparing videos to share with students.

Please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning to set up a more in-depth tour of the room or to use the facilities.

Additionally, Studio 102 is a quiet place that faculty members can use to explore VR options. 


What is a lightboard and how does it work?  Watch Dan Kill demonstrate.

Concept Maps

Terry Delpier, nursing professor, shows how she uses Concept Maps for her students to replicate and organize dense content into concepts.


Math Professor, Amy Barnsley, uses the lightboard to make virtual eye contact with her students while teaching a math lesson online.