Please Note: All clinic and lab visits are by appointment. Please call 906-227-2355 (phones are not answered during lunch). 

We truly appreciate when patients call to cancel or reschedule if they won't be able to keep their appointment, this helps us be able to schedule another patient and not waste the resource time of our providers. We now have a reminder system in place, please confirm your appointment, or cancel/reschedule if not able to come.  we want to make sure there is time for paperwork at registration, time with the nurse for your vitals and to update medications and medical history and then have your time with our providers. Access the Patient Portal, update your history, check your medication list and make sure it is accurate.  Let our staff know if you were recently seen at the ER, Walk-In or another provider (records may be needed for the provider for the visit with our clinic).

Please bring your most current health insurance card with you to your appointment.  Please have you University Identification Number or notify the front desk staff who the eligible student or employee is for verification purposes.  If you have specific questions about your health insurance, please contact Customer Service on the back of your card.  We will send a claim to your insurance company on your behalf, but deductibles, copays and non-covered services are the patient's responsibility.  We do not send statements from the Health Center, any bills due would come on your e-bill from the university.

If you were seen at the ER or another office, please let our schedulers know so they can request the records for your chart.  Ask about the Patient Portal, it allows you to update your current medications, medical history, see your upcoming appointments and more.  The Patient Portal does expire after one year, if you cannot access, please contact us at 906-227-2355 and we can update on our system.