Office Visits

Office visit fees start at $65 and may be higher depending on the level of care provided. (We will file a claim to your insurance, please make sure we have your insurance information on file and notify us when there is a change) Any deductibles/copays/out-of-pocket clinic or lab charges will be sent to your e-bill. Look online at

Nurse Visits

The fee for a nurse visit is $30 and does not include a doctor's visit.

Lab Tests and Pharmacy Fees

Lab test fees and pharmacy fees are additional.  Please note, lab fees for Medicaid HMO's outside the Upper Peninsula are not covered (Straight Medicaid and Upper Peninsula Health Plan Medicaid does cover lab services). 

Vaccination Fees

Vaccination fees vary and are included with information on immunizations

The University prohibits seeking compensation from the recipient of any medical procedure, treatment or care provided by a medical professional who has been convicted of a felony arising out of the medical procedure, treatment or care.