Health Center will bill your insurance, for specific questions about your coverage, it is best to contact the Customer Service number on the back of your card.

Although we do not participate with all insurance plans, we will submit claims to all insurance plans for which we have proper claim information on file.

To ensure we have complete and correct information, patients should have their current insurance card(s) with them when arriving at the Health Center for care. If you are covered under more than one health insurance plan, please bring all plan cards with you. We may also need the address, phone number and date of birth of the policy subscriber.  (Secure fax line is 906-227-2332 if copy of card needs to be sent)

General Information

ATTN:   Blue Care Network requires a referral from the patient's Primary Care Doctor (if not one of our providers).   Students while away from home area, changing primary care to one of our providers (Medical Director is Dr. Chris Kirkpatrick).  The customer care number is 1-800-662-6667.  This must be done prior to being seen for a clinic visit.  For HAP Insurance, they require authorization, please call the customer service on the back of the card to let them know you will be coming to Northern Michigan University's health center.

Lower Michigan Medicaid HMO's are not covering lab services.  Please make sure to call the customer service number on your card. Michigan Medicaid and Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP) do cover lab services. 

Student Insurance

Medical insurance is highly recommended for all students and can be obtained through:

HMO's and PPO's

Managed care plans typically require that students be seen in their facilities, or by a participating provider, and may not pay for services received at the Health Center.

The managed care plan may agree to pay for Health Center services if the visit is approved in advance. Try contacting your primary care provider to receive advance approval for coverage of services at the Health Center, or contact the benefits manager at the parent's place of employment to inquire about the plan's off site coverage provisions.