Tips for getting the most out of your visit to the Health Center:

  • Call and schedule an appointment at 906-227-2355. **With the current pandemic, we are scheduling video chat appointments, please have your current medication list and other forms sent in prior to visit. We are open Monday through Friday, for nights and weekends, please seek care at the Superior Walk-In Center or UPHS (formerly Marquette General Hospital)
  • If you are a new patient, bring along any medications you are using.  If you have records you want our providers to have for your visit, please sign a release and have that office send your records to our secure fax: 906-227-2332.  Notify our staff if you are coming for a follow-up appointment from the emergency room or another provider's office, we need those visit notes for your appointment.  Ask about signing up for our Patient Portal.
  • Please send copy of health insurance card to prior to first visit (especially if video chat visit) or bring your most current health insurance card with you to your appointment, if in person.  Notify our staff anytime you have a change in address, phone, insurance, we need to have up to date information.  CONTACT your insurance if you are listed as having a primary provider in another location, it's important to notify you are away from home area, in the event you need to change your primary care here while at school. 
  • Use our health information links to obtain information about first aid and home care for minor injuries and illnesses.
  • For pharmacy prescription refills, call the refill line at 906-227-1167.  If you have refills at another pharmacy, provide the information to our pharmacy and we can transfer here.

For specific insurance coverage questions, call the Customer Service number on the back of the insurance card.