Institutional Effectiveness administered a Post-Graduation Outcomes Survey in collaboration with the Assessment of Learning (AOL) Committee for the first time in the summer of 2018 and plans to administer a version of this survey every three years moving forward. This report summarizes post-graduation outcomes for undergraduate students graduating from 2014/2015 through 2016/2017.

The survey focuses on recent graduates’ perceptions of how their learning is serving them in the workplace as well as employment and continuing education outcomes. The survey also asks about perceptions of their time at Northern Michigan University. Questions about learning outcomes were developed by faculty from the AOL Committee and questions about post-graduation outcomes were developed by Institutional Effectiveness (formerly Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment).

The interactive dashboard below has been created to further share results at finer levels of detail providing academic college and departments’ individualized results.

Along with the interactive dashboard, an executive summary report has been created.