2023-2024 Academic Year Listing of Academic Programs

Sorted By Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Codes

Updated 11/21/2023

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Credential Level Key:

N = Non-degree
V = Vocational
C = Certificate
A = Associate Degree
B = Baccalaureate Degree
GC = Graduate Certificate
M = Master's Degree
EDS = Education Specialist
D = Doctorate

Credential levelCIP CodeNMU Program NameCIP TitleStatus
N        00.0000Business Intrntl Exc Students Inactive
N        00.0000Corporate Courses Inactive
N        00.0000Corrections Officer Cert Pgm Inactive
N        00.0000English as a Second Language Active
N        00.0000Exchange Beyond Match Active
N        00.0000Exchange Students Active
N        00.0000Exchange, Study Abroad at NMU Active
N        00.0000Guest Student Active
N        00.0000Non-Degree Active
N        00.0000Non-Degree/KIS Inactive
N        00.0000Police Academy Active
N        00.0000Summer Acad Success Acad Inactive
N        00.0000Upgrading Active
N        00.0000USOC - Coaches Education Inactive
   A     01.0199Cannabis and Plant-Based Wellness OperationsAgricultural Business and Management, OtherActive
  C      01.0199Cannabis OperationsAgricultural Business and Managment, OtherActive
    B    01.1302Pre-VeterinaryPre-Veterinary StudiesActive
    B    01.9999Controlled Environment AgricultureAgricultural/Animal/Plant/Veterinary Science and Related Fields, OtherActive
   A     01.9999Indoor AgricultureAgricultural/Animal/Plant/Veterinary Science and Related Fields, OtherActive
    B    03.0101Environmental Conservation Inactive
    B    03.0103Environ Studies & SustainEnvironmental StudiesActive
    B    03.0104Environmental ScienceEnvironmental ScienceActive
    B    03.0206Land Use Planning and Mgmt Inactive
      M  03.0207Admin Outdoor Rec/Nature-Based TourismEnvironmental/Natural Resource Recreation and TourismActive
    B    03.0301Fisheries and Wildlife MgmtFishing and Fisheries Sciences and ManagementActive
    B    04.0301Planning Inactive
    B    04.0999Pre-Architecture Inactive
    B    05.0125German StudiesGerman StudiesActive
    B    05.0202Native American StudiesAmerican Indian/Native American StudiesActive
  C      05.0211Deaf StudiesDeaf StudiesActive
    B    09.0101Communication StudiesSpeech Communication and RhetoricActive
    B    09.0101Speech Communication Inactive
    B M  09.0101Speech/Secondary Education Inactive
    B    09.0102Mass Communications Inactive
    B    09.0102Media Studies Inactive
    B    09.0402Broadcasting Inactive
    B    09.0702Electronic Journalism Inactive
    B    09.0702Multimedia JournalismDigital Communication and Media/MultimediaActive
    B    09.0702Social Media Design MgmtDigital Communication and Media/MultimediaActive
    B    09.0902Entertainment/Sports Promotion Inactive
    B    09.0902Public RelationsPublic Relations/Image ManagementActive
    B    11.0101Computational Mathematics Inactive
    B M  11.0101Computer ScienceComputer and Information Sciences, GeneralActive
    B    11.0201Computer Programming Inactive
    B    11.0501Computer Systems Inactive
    B    11.0901Network Computing Inactive
    B    11.1004Mobile & Web App DevelopmentWeb/Multimedia Management and WebmasterActive
  C      12.0401CosmetologyCosmetology/Cosmetologist, GeneralActive
  C      12.0407Natural Hair CulturistHair Styling/Stylist and Hair Design Active
  C      12.0409EstheticsAesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care SpecialistActive
  C      12.0410ManicureNail Technician/Specialist and ManicuristActive
 V       12.0410Manicurist Inactive
  C      12.0413Cosmetology InstructorCosmetology, Barber/Styling, and Nail InstructorActive
  C      12.0503Culinary Arts Inactive
      M  13.0301Educational InstructionCurriculum and InstructionActive
      M  13.0401Administration/Community Coll Inactive
      M  13.0401Instructional Leadership Inactive
      MEDS 13.0404Educational Admin/SupervisionEducational, Instructional, and Curriculum SupervisionActive
      M  13.0406Higher Educ & Student Affairs Inactive
    B    13.1005Emotional Impairment/Elem EdEducation/Teaching of Individuals with Emotional DisturbancesActive
    B    13.1005Emotional Impairment/Sec EdEducation/Teaching of Individuals with Emotional DisturbancesActive
    B    13.1006Cognitive Impairment/Elem EdEducation/Teaching of Individuals with Intellectual DisabilitiesActive
    B    13.1006Cognitive Impairment/Sec EdEducation/Teaching of Individuals with Intellectual DisabilitiesActive
    B    13.1006Special Education/UndeclaredEducation/Teaching of Individuals with Intellectual DisabilitiesActive
      M  13.1011Learning DisabilitiesEducation/Teaching of Individuals with Specific Learning DisabilitiesActive
      M  13.1011Learning Disabilities/Sec Ed Inactive
      M  13.1011Learning Disabilities/Elem Ed Inactive
      M  13.1101School Counseling Inactive
N        13.1101School Counseling Endorsement Inactive
N        13.1202Continuing Cert/Elem Ed Inactive
    B    13.1202Elementary EducationElementary Education and TeachingActive
      M  13.1202Elementary Education Inactive
    B    13.1202English/Elementary Education Inactive
    B    13.1202English-Speech/Elem Ed Inactive
    B    13.1202History/Elementary Education Inactive
    B    13.1202Integrated Sci/Elementry EdElementary Education and TeachingActive
    B    13.1202Language Arts/Elementary EdElementary Education and TeachingActive
    B    13.1202Mathematics/Elementary EdElementary Education and TeachingActive
N        13.1202Professional Cert-Elem EdElementary Education and TeachingActive
    B    13.1202Science/Elementary Education Inactive
    B    13.1202Social Studies/Elementary EdElementary Education and TeachingActive
N        13.1205Professional Certificate-Sec EdSecondary Education and TeachingActive
    B M  13.1205Secondary Education Inactive
    B    13.1209Pre-School/Family Life Service Inactive
N        13.1210Early Child-Add'l EndorsementEarly Childhood Education and TeachingActive
      M  13.1210Early Childhood EducationEarly Childhood Education and TeachingActive
      M  13.1302Art and Design/Community Coll Inactive
    B    13.1302Art and Design/Secondary EdArt Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1302Art and Design/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.1303Business/Secondary Education Inactive
    B    13.1305English/Secondary EducationEnglish/Language Arts Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1305English/Secondary Education Inactive
      M  13.1305Pedagogy Inactive
    B    13.1307Health Education Inactive
      M  13.1307Health Education/Comm Coll Inactive
    B    13.1307Health Education/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.1309Industrial Tech/Secondary EdTechnology Teacher Education/Industrial Arts Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1311Mathematics Education Inactive
    B    13.1311Mathematics/Secondary EdMathematics Teacher EducationActive
    B    13.1312Music/Secondary EducationMusic Teacher EducationActive
    B    13.1314Athletic Coaching EducationPhysical Education Teaching and CoachingActive
      M  13.1314Phy Ed/Community College Inactive
    B    13.1314Physical Educ/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.1314Physical Education Inactive
    B    13.1314Physical Education/Coaching Inactive
       EDS 13.1315Literacy Leadership Inactive
      M  13.1315Reading (BT)Reading Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1315Reading Specialist (BR)Reading Teacher EducationActive
    B    13.1316Gen Sci/Biology/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.1316Gen Sci/Chem/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.1316Gen Sci/Earth Sci/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.1316Gen Sci/Physics/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.1316Integrated Science/Secondary EdScience Teacher Education/General Science Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1316Science Education Inactive
    B    13.1317Economics/Social Study-Sec Ed Inactive
    B    13.1317Geography/Social Study-Sec Ed Inactive
    B    13.1317History/Social Studies-Sec Ed Inactive
    B    13.1317Poli Sci/Social Studies-Sec Ed Inactive
    B    13.1318Social Studies/Secondary EdSocial Studies Teacher EducationActive
    B    13.1318Sociology/Social Study-Sec Ed Inactive
    B    13.1321Computer Science/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.1322Biology/Secondary EducationBiology Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1322Biology/Secondary Education Inactive
      M  13.1322Post-Secondary Biology Education Inactive
    B    13.1323Chemistry/Secondary EducationChemistry Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1323Chemistry/Secondary Education Inactive
    B    13.1325French EducationFrench Language Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1325French Education Inactive
    B M  13.1326German Education Inactive
    B    13.1328History/Secondary EducationHistory Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1328History/Secondary Education Inactive
    B    13.1329Physics/Secondary EducationPhysics Teacher EducationActive
    B    13.1330Spanish EducationSpanish Language Teacher EducationActive
      M  13.1330Spanish Education Inactive
    B M  13.1332Geography/Secondary Education Inactive
      M  13.1399Enhanced Math/Science Ed Inactive
     GC   13.1401TESOL-Tch Eng to Spkr Oth LangTeaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language InstructorActive
  C      13.1501Paraprofessional Aide Inactive
    B    13.9999Earth Science/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    13.9999Economics/Secondary Education Inactive
    B M  13.9999Political Science/Secondary Ed Inactive
    B    14.0102Pre-EngineeringPre-EngineeringActive
    B    14.4201Embedded SystemsMechatronics, Robotics, and Automation EngineeringActive
    B    15.0303Electrical Engineering TechElectrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering Technology/TechnicianActive
   A     15.0303Electrical TechnologyElectrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering Technology/TechnicianActive
   A     15.0403Industrial Electrical Tech Inactive
   A     15.0501Climate Control TechnologyHeating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Technology/TechnicianActive
   A     15.0506Wastewater Technology Inactive
  C      15.0607Plastic Injection Technology Inactive
    B    15.0612Industrial TechnologiesIndustrial Technology/TechnicianActive
  C      15.0613Manufacturing Production TechnicianManufacturing Engineering Technology/TechnicianActive
    B    15.0613Technology & Applied Sciences Inactive
    B    15.0805Mechanical Engineering TechMechanical/Mechanical Engineering Technology/TechnicianActive
   A     15.1302CAD/Mechanical Inactive
   A     15.1302Engineering DesignCAD/CADD Drafting and/or Design Technology/TechnicianActive
   A     15.1303Architectural Technology Inactive
    B    16.0501German Inactive
    B    16.0901FrenchFrench Language and LiteratureActive
    B    16.0905SpanishSpanish Language and LiteratureActive
   A     19.0505Food Service Management Inactive
    B    19.0701Early Childhood Inactive
   A     19.0706Applied Child Development Inactive
   A     19.0708Child Care Services Inactive
   A     19.0799Native American Comm ServicesHuman Development, Family Studies, and Related Services, OtherActive
    B    22.0001Political Science/Pre-Law Inactive
    B    22.0001Pre-LawPre-Law StudiesActive
   A     22.0301Legal Office Assistant Inactive
  CAB    22.0302ParalegalLegal Assistant/ParalegalActive
    B M  23.0101EnglishEnglish Language and Literature, GeneralActive
      M  23.0101English/Community College Inactive
    B    23.0101English/Graduate Bound Inactive
      M  23.0101Literature Inactive
      M  23.1302Creative WritingCreative WritingActive
    B M  23.1302Writing Inactive
    B    23.1303Technical Communication Inactive
      M  24.0101Arts and Sciences Inactive
      M  24.0101Interdisciplinary StudiesLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal StudiesActive
    B    24.0101Individualized StudiesLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal StudiesActive
  CA  M  24.0101Individualized Studies Inactive
   AB    24.0101Liberal Arts and Sciences Inactive
  CA     24.0101Special Studies Inactive
N        24.0102Additional EndorsementGeneral StudiesActive
N        24.0102Addl Endorse-Learn DisabilityGeneral StudiesActive
N        24.0102Addl Endorsement-ReadingGeneral StudiesActive
N        24.0102College Transitions Program Inactive
    B    24.0102Freshman Studies Inactive
   A     24.0102General StudiesGeneral StudiesActive
   A     24.0102General University Studies Inactive
N        24.0102Professional/Personal DevelGeneral StudiesActive
N        24.0102Technical Studies Program Inactive
    B M  24.0102UndeclaredGeneral StudiesActive
      M  26.0101Biochemistry/Biology Inactive
      M  26.0101Biochemistry/Chemistry Inactive
    B M  26.0101BiologyBiology/Biological Sciences, GeneralActive
      M  26.0101Biology/Community College Inactive
    B    26.0202BiochemistryBiochemistryActive
      M  26.0202Biochemistry Inactive
    B    26.0202Environ Occupational Hygiene Inactive
    B    26.0301Botany Inactive
    B    26.0502Biology/Microbiology Inactive
    B    26.0701Zoology Inactive
    B    26.0901Biology/Physiology Inactive
      M  26.1199Integrated BiosciencesBiomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology, OtherActive
    B    26.1301Biology/Ecology Inactive
    B    26.1501Neuroscience/Behavr & CognitveNeuroscienceActive
    B    26.1501Neuroscience/Cell & MolecularNeuroscienceActive
    B M  27.0101MathematicsMathematics, GeneralActive
    B    27.0301Applied Mathematics Inactive
  C      29.0207Cyber DefenseCyber/Electronic Operations and WarfareActive
   AB    29.0207Info Assurance/Cyber DefenseCyber/Electronic Operations and WarfareActive
    B    30.1701Psychology/Behavior Analysis Inactive
  C      30.2301Workplace Intercultural CompetencyIntercultural/Multicultural and Diversity StudiesActive
    B    30.7001Data ScienceData Science, GeneralActive
    B    30.7102Business AnalyticsBusiness AnalyticsActive
    B    31.0101Outdoor Rec Leadership/ MgmtParks, Recreation, and Leisure StudiesActive
    B    31.0101Outdoor Recreation Inactive
    B    31.0101Recreation Inactive
      M  31.0101Recreation/Community College Inactive
    B    31.0501Health & Phys Ed/Secondary EdSports, Kinesiology, and Physical Education/Fitness, GeneralActive
    B    31.0504Applied Exercise Sci/Hlth MgmtSport and Fitness Administration/ManagementActive
    B    31.0504Management of Health & Fitness Inactive
      M  31.0505Exercise ScienceExercise Science and KinesiologyActive
    B    31.0505Sports ScienceExercise Science and KinesiologyActive
    B    31.0505Sports Science/Athl Train 3+2Exercise Science and KinesiologyActive
    B    38.0101PhilosophyPhilosophyActive
    B M  40.0501Chemistry Inactive
    B    40.0501Chemistry/ACS CertifiedChemistry, GeneralActive
      M  40.0501Chemistry/Community College Inactive
    B    40.0510Forensic BiochemistryForensic ChemistryActive
    B    40.0601Earth ScienceGeology/Earth Science, GeneralActive
    B    40.0605Water Science Inactive
    B    40.0801PhysicsPhysics, GeneralActive
      M  42.0101Psychological Science Inactive
    B M  42.0101PsychologyPsychology, GeneralActive
    B    42.2704Psychology/Graduate Prep Inactive
      M  42.2804Training & Performance Improve Inactive
     GCM  42.2814Applied Behavior AnalysisApplied Behavior AnalysisActive
  C      42.2814Assistant Behavior Analyst Inactive
      M  42.2815Applied Sports PsychologyPerformance and Sport PsychologyActive
     GC   42.2899Applied Clinical PsychologyClinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology, OtherActive
     GC   42.9999Facilitating Training Inactive
     GC   42.9999Performance Improvement Inactive
   A     43.0102Corrections Inactive
N        43.0102Local Corrections Inactive
  C      43.0102Local CorrectionsCorrectionsActive
N        43.0103Advanced Law Enforcement Inactive
  C      43.0103Advanced Law EnforcementCriminal Justice/Law Enforcement AdministrationActive
     GC   43.0103Criminal Justice Management Inactive
   A     43.0103Law EnforcementCriminal Justice/Law Enforcement AdministrationActive
   AB    43.0104Criminal JusticeCriminal Justice/Safety StudiesActive
      M  43.0104Criminal Justice Inactive
   AB    43.0104Justice Studies Inactive
    B    43.0109Loss Prevention ManagementSecurity and Loss Prevention ServicesActive
  C      43.0206Wildland Firefighting Inactive
      M  44.0401Administrative Service Inactive
     GC   44.0401Budget Administration Inactive
     GC   44.0401Health Care Administration Inactive
     GC   44.0401Personnel Administration Inactive
     GC   44.0401Program Evaluation/Analysis Inactive
    B    44.0401Public Administration Inactive
      M  44.0401Public AdministrationPublic AdministrationActive
N        44.0701Pre-MSWSocial WorkActive
    B M  44.0701Social WorkSocial WorkActive
     GC   44.9999Public Management Inactive
    B    45.0101Social Science/Economics Inactive
    B    45.0101Social Science/Geography Inactive
    B    45.0101Social Science/History Inactive
    B    45.0101Social Science/Political Science Inactive
    B    45.0101Social Science/Sociology Inactive
    B    45.0201AnthropologyAnthropology, GeneralActive
    B    45.0601EconomicsEconomics, GeneralActive
    B    45.0701Geography/Human Inactive
    B    45.0701Geography/Physical Inactive
    B    45.0702Geographic Info Science Inactive
    B    45.0702Geographic Info Science & TechGeographic Information Science and CartographyActive
  C      45.0702Geographic Info SystemsGeographic Information Science and CartographyActive
    B    45.0702Geomatics Inactive
      M  45.0801History/Community College Inactive
    B    45.0901International StudiesInternational Relations and AffairsActive
    B    45.1001Political SciencePolitical Science and Government, GeneralActive
    B    45.1101Applied Sociology Inactive
    B    45.1101SociologySociology, GeneralActive
    B    45.1101Sociology/Liberal Arts Inactive
    B M  45.1101Sociology/Secondary Education Inactive
  C      46.0201Carpentry Inactive
 V       46.0303Electrical Line Technician Inactive
  C      46.0303Electrical Line TechnicianLineworkerActive
   A     46.0401Building TechnologyBuilding/Property MaintenanceActive
  C      47.0201Heating/Air Cond/RefrigerationHeating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Maintenance Technology/TechnicianActive
  CA     47.0303Industrial MaintenanceIndustrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology/TechnicianActive
  C      47.0600Automotive MaintenanceVehicle Maintenance and Repair Technology/Technician, GeneralActive
 V       47.0603Autobody Repair Inactive
 V       47.0603Collision Repair Technology Inactive
  CA     47.0604Automotive Service TechnologyAutomobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/TechnicianActive
  CA     47.0608Aviation Maintenance Tech Inactive
   A     48.0501Manufacturing Technology Inactive
  CA     48.0508WeldingWelding Technology/WelderActive
  CA     48.0510Computer Numeric Control TechComputer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist Technology/CNC MachinistActive
   A     50.0201Crafts Inactive
   AB    50.0301DanceDance, GeneralActive
   A     50.0402Media Illustration Inactive
   A     50.0404Industrial Media Inactive
   A     50.0501Theatre PerformanceDrama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, GeneralActive
    B    50.0501Theatre & Entertainment ArtsDrama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, GeneralActive
   A     50.0502Theatre TechnologyTechnical Theatre/Theatre Design and TechnologyActive
    B    50.0502Theatre Technology & DesignTechnical Theatre/Theatre Design and TechnologyActive
    B    50.0506ActingActingActive
N        50.0506Pre-ActingActingActive
    B    50.0509Musical TheatreMusical TheatreActive
    B    50.0602Media Production and New Tech Inactive
    B    50.0602Multimedia ProductionCinematography and Film/Video ProductionActive
   AB    50.0701Art and DesignArt/Art Studies, GeneralActive
    B    50.0703Art History Inactive
    B    50.0901MusicMusic, GeneralActive
    B    50.1099Music w/ Elective Outside MajrArts, Entertainment, and Media Management, OtherActive
  C      51.0001Plant-Based WellnessHealth and Wellness, GeneralActive
    B M  51.0203Communication Disorders Inactive
    B    51.0203Speech, Language & Hearing SciSpeech-Language Pathology/PathologistActive
  C      51.0708Medical Transcriptionist Inactive
   A     51.0716Health Information Processing Inactive
   A     51.0716Medical Office Services Inactive
   A     51.0716Medical Secretary Inactive
  C      51.0802Clinical Assistant Inactive
  C      51.0802Medical Laboratory Assistant Inactive
   A     51.0812Pre-Respiratory Therapy Inactive
   A     51.0812Respiratory Therapy Inactive
   A     51.0909Pre-Surgical TechnologySurgical Technology/TechnologistActive
  C      51.0909Pre-Surgical Technology Inactive
   A     51.0909Surgical TechnologySurgical Technology/TechnologistActive
  C      51.0909Surgical Technology Inactive
   A     51.0911Pre-RadiographyRadiologic Technology/Science - RadiographerActive
   A     51.0911RadiographyRadiologic Technology/Science - RadiographerActive
      M  51.0913Athletic TrainingAthletic Training/TrainerActive
    B    51.0913Athletic Training Inactive
     GC   51.0999Clinical Molecular DiagnosticsAllied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions, OtherActive
    B    51.1002Cytotechnology Inactive
    B    51.1002Diagnostic Genetics Inactive
   A     51.1004Clinical Laboratory TechnologyClinical/Medical Laboratory TechnicianActive
   A     51.1004Science Technician Inactive
    B    51.1005Clinical Lab Sci/Microbiology Inactive
    B    51.1005Clinical Laboratory ScienceClinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/TechnologistActive
    B    51.1005Clinical Systems Analyst Inactive
    B    51.1005Science Technologist Inactive
    B    51.1007Histotechnology Inactive
   A     51.1008Histotechnician Inactive
     GCM  51.1010Clinical Molecular DiagnosticsCytogenetics/Genetics/Clinical Genetics Technology/TechnologistActive
    B    51.1099Clinical Health ScienceClinical/Medical Laboratory Science and Allied Professions, OtherActive
    B    51.1101Pre-DentalPre-Dentistry StudiesActive
    B    51.1102Pre-MedicinePre-Medicine/Pre-Medical StudiesActive
    B    51.1103Pre-PharmacyPre-Pharmacy StudiesActive
    B    51.1106Pre-ChiropracticPre-Chiropractic StudiesActive
    B    51.1107Pre-Occupational TherapyPre-Occupational Therapy StudiesActive
    B    51.1108Pre-OptometryPre-Optometry StudiesActive
    B    51.1109Pre-Physical TherapyPre-Physical Therapy StudiesActive
    B    51.1199Pre-Clinical PsychologyHealth/Medical Preparatory Programs, OtherActive
    B    51.1199Pre-Physician AssistantHealth/Medical Preparatory Programs, OtherActive
    B    51.1504Community Health Education Inactive
 V       51.1614Nursing Assistant Inactive
    B    51.2005Medicinal Plant ChemistryNatural Products Chemistry and PharmacognosyActive
     GC   51.2706Health Informatics Inactive
    B    51.3101Dietetics/Clinical and Admin Inactive
    B    51.3801NursingRegistered Nursing/Registered NurseActive
      M  51.3801Nursing Inactive
     GC   51.3801Nursing Inactive
    B    51.3801Pre-NursingRegistered Nursing/Registered NurseActive
     GC   51.3802Nursing Educator Inactive
        D51.3805Family Nurse Pract(Post Mastr)Family Practice Nurse/NursingActive
      M D51.3805Family Nurse PractitionerFamily Practice Nurse/NursingActive
     GC   51.3805Family Nurse Practitioner Inactive
  C      51.3901Practical Nursing Inactive
  C      51.3901Pre-Practical Nursing Inactive
   A     52.0101General BusinessBusiness/Commerce, GeneralActive
      M  52.0201BusinessBusiness Administration and Management, GeneralActive
    B    52.0201ManagementBusiness Administration and Management, GeneralActive
N        52.0201Pre-MBABusiness Administration and Management, GeneralActive
    B    52.0204Management/Office Admin Inactive
  C B    52.0213Applied Workplace LeadershipOrganizational LeadershipActive
    B    52.0301AccountingAccountingActive
    B    52.0301Accounting (4+1)AccountingActive
    B    52.0301Accounting/Information Systems Inactive
    B    52.0304Accounting/Corporate Finance Inactive
    B    52.0304Accounting/Financial Planning Inactive
      M  52.0305Business Admin/Accounting Conc Inactive
   A     52.0401Office Information Assistant Inactive
   A     52.0401Office Information Processing Inactive
  C      52.0401Office Services Inactive
   A     52.0403Legal Secretary Inactive
   A     52.0407Information Systems Inactive
    B    52.0407Office Systems Inactive
    B    52.0407Word Processing/Office Admin Inactive
   A     52.0408General Office Inactive
    B    52.0701EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial StudiesActive
    B    52.0703Ski Area Business ManagementSmall Business Administration/ManagementActive
    B    52.0799Sustainable Business & Enterprise CreationEntrepreneurial and Small Business Operations, OtherActive
    B    52.0801Financial ManagementFinance, GeneralActive
    B    52.0804Personal Financial Planning Inactive
    B    52.0899Finance & Risk Management Inactive
  C B    52.0901Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt Inactive
   A     52.0901Hospitality Management Inactive
    B    52.0901Hospitality LeadershipHospitality Administration/Management, GeneralActive
   A     52.0905Food Service OperationsRestaurant/Food Services ManagementActive
   A     52.0905Restaurant Operations Inactive
    B    52.1001Human Resource ManagementHuman Resources Management/Personnel Administration, GeneralActive
    B    52.1201Information Systems Inactive
    B    52.1399Business AnalyticsManagement Sciences and Quantitative Methods, OtherActive
    B    52.1401MarketingMarketing/Marketing Management, GeneralActive
   A     52.1701InsuranceInsuranceActive
    B    52.1701Insurance & Risk ManagementInsuranceActive
    B    52.2001Construction ManagementConstruction Management, GeneralActive
N        52.9999Pre-BusinessBusiness, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, OtherActive
    B    54.0101HistoryHistory, GeneralActive
      M  54.0101History Inactive