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International Transfer Student Application Instructions

There are five steps you must take in order to apply to NMU as an international transfer student:

  1. Submit your application for admission
  2. Pay your $35 application fee
  3. Submit Official Academic Documents
    1. SpanTran - use this NMU evaluation application
    2. ECE – select the “course by course report”
    3. WES – select the “course by course report with ICAP”
    4. Other NACES-approved evaluator 
  4. Submit Official English Language Test Scores
  5. Submit your Certification of Finances
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"My experience at NMU has been amazing—I think that Northern has so much to offer. They have a great Art program and it is situated in such a magical place. From the moment I came here I knew it was the right place for me and I am happy for my decision."

Ana Alzaga

Home Country: Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and who will require a visa to study in the United States.

Students with dual U.S. citizenship should apply as a U.S. citizen, even if living outside the United States. Students with refugee or asylum status should provide proper documentation of status and follow domestic application instructions

NMU accepts applications all year round whenever they are sent. However, we recommend the following deadlines. Please be aware that it can take a long time for some parts of the application to be completed. Make sure that you have time to send all of your application documents, receive your immigration documents (I-20) in the mail, apply for your visa, and prepare your travel arrangements.

  Fall Semester Winter Semester Summer Semester*
Suggested Deadline April 15 Sept. 1 Jan. 15
Final Deadline June 1 Oct. 1 March 17

*Students may only start undergraduate level studies during the fall or winter semesters

For students who have trouble submitting academic documents due to the COVID-19 situation: 

Secondary School Documents (U.S. and Canadian High School Transcripts): NMU will accept unofficial secondary school academic documents in order to make an admission decision if students cannot obtain officials at this time. Students must provide official copies before they will receive their immigration documentation (I20). 

Secondary and Post-Secondary School Documents (Transcripts NOT from U.S. or Canadian High Schools): Students should submit secondary and post-secondary school documents through any NACES- approved evaluator. 

Use one of the following ways to pay.

1. Credit Card

Use a credit card at the end of the online application. Visa or Mastercard are accepted.
If you have already completed the application but still need to pay the fee: Pay Online.

For your SSN, please enter "000000000"

2. Call

Call the Student Service Center to pay on the telephone using a credit card. The number is 906-227-1221.

3. Bank Draft or Money Order

Send a bank draft or money order in U.S. funds made payable to Northern Michigan University.

For undergraduate applications, please send $35 to the following address:

Admissions Office
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855 USA

For graduate applications, please send $50 to the following address:

International Programs Office
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855 USA

4. By Wire transfer.

2020-2021 Cost of Attendance

One Year (Two Semesters)

Undergraduate Graduate MBA ESL
Tuition and Fees $17,176 $13,660 $13,270 $13,538
Room & Board $11,072 $11,072 $11,072 $11,072
Books & Supplies $800 $800 $800 $0 (included in fees)
NMU Health Insurance (12 months) $1,820 $1,820 $1,820 $1,820
Personal & Travel $2,438 $2,438 $2,438 $2,438
Total Costs $33,306 $29,790 $29,400 $28,868

Withholding Taxes
International students on nonimmigrant status visas ("F", "J", "M", or "Q") are subject to federal withholding tax on the amount of scholarship income they receive above the cost of their qualified tuition and fees.  The current withholding rates are 14% for documented international students and 30% for any student whose citizenship status is unknown or undocumented.

Health Insurance Costs
For information about insurance for dependents, please contact NMU's International Programs Office at or 906-227-2510.

First-year student

Students who have not attended any college or university after secondary school must apply to NMU as first-year students.

Transfer student

Students who have attended any college or university after completing secondary school MUST apply to NMU as a transfer student.

Post-baccalaureate student

Students who have a Bachelor’s or higher degree and wish to pursue another undergraduate degree (in a field other than that of their previous degree) must apply as a post-baccalaureate student.

Graduate student

Students who are interested in pursuing a master's degree should apply as a graduate student.

Northern Michigan University offers you the opportunity to receive or ship your documents through a safe, quick and dependable delivery service called Eship Global. Click here to learn more. 

Postsecondary Transcripts 
  • Post-Secondary Transcripts from a U.S. or Canadian Institution must come directly to NMU from the Institution
  • Post-Secondary Transcripts from outside the U.S. or Canada must be submitted through an external credential evaluator.
    • Only one external credential evaluation is required:  
    • Students must also submit an official copy of their University transcript directly to NMU
      • To be considered official, transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution
Secondary School Academic Documents 

1. Transcripts must be sent directly to Northern Michigan University from your institution(s).

If applying for an undergraduate program and have previously earned 12 or more higher education credits, we will not need your high school transcript.

Please send official university transcript to:

Admissions Office
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Ave
Marquette, MI 49855 USA

2. Transcripts must be translated into English by a qualified individual.

3. NMU cannot accept faxes, scanned copies, or emailed copies.

Note: If at any time we discover that transcripts have been altered, forged, or faked, your admission to our university will be terminated. This is a serious offense with serious punishments.

Note: We will accept attested, official copies for students who are issued only one official copy of their transcripts. Appropriate seals, stamps, and/or signatures are required to ensure originality.

4. Transfer students who wish to count credit earned at non-U.S. institutions of higher education towards an NMU degree are required to submit a credential evaluation performed by an external organization.  

Obtaining a credential evaluation:

In addition to submitting your official transcripts to NMU, we require external evaluation of credits for all non-U.S. colleges or universities.  Some Canadian schools, International Baccalaureate programs and American high schools abroad do not require a credit evaluation.  Please contact the Admissions Office if you have attended one of the above institutions to see if you qualify for an exception.

Below is a list of the different credential evaluators that you may use. Please select one of the following organizations. You are required to directly submit all documents (transcripts/certificates etc.) and payments the organizations require to perform the evaluation.

  1. NMU accepts evaluations from these three agencies (and others may be considered if part of NACES):

    1. Education Credential Evaluators (ECE)  This service allows applicants to submit their official educational documents only once--to ECE.  NMU would then receive the verified documents from ECE along with the credential evaluation.

    2. World Education Service (WES)  Students may elect to order the WES ICAP service.  This service allows applicants to submit their official educational documents only once--to WES. NMU would then receive the verified documents from WES along with the credential evaluation.

    3. North American Educational Group (NAEG)

If you have any questions about the credential evaluation requirement or need further assistance, please contact us at

NMU has easy to use online credit transfer information for students in U.S. community colleges.  Visit our Credit Transfer website to learn how your current credits will transfer to NMU. Typically, students who transfer to NMU with an Associate’s degree can earn their Bachelor’s degree in just two years.


Once you are admitted to NMU you will be mailed and e-mailed your admissions letter and a “transfer in form.” Bring a copy of your admissions letter and your transfer in form to your DSO and your DSO will complete the form and fax it back to NMU at 906-227-1714.

After you complete your current semester, your DSO will transfer your SEVIS I-20 to Northern Michigan University DET214F00009000.


“Compulsory” means you must purchase the health insurance offered program by NMU.  This policy is for basic coverage only.  You may want to obtain a more comprehensive health insurance policy in addition to this policy.

Learn more about NMU's international student insurance requirements here. 

You can contact NMU's International Programs Office:

Phone: 906-227-2510