Alyssa Murray, BSN, RN

Special Instructor

3312 Weston Hall

Professional Experience:

My professional experience is in Med/Surg and step-down ICU. I did work for several years as a CNA before becoming a Registered Nurse in both the nursing home and home health.

Personal Experience:

  • First-generation college student who received Pell Grants and employer tuition reimbursement.
  • Earned degrees thus far debt-free with the help of Grants/scholarships, and tuition reimbursement.
  • Working on Masters's degree under the Nurse Loan Faculty Repayment Program specific to Nursing Education.
  • Volunteer for Camp New day as a camp nurse, which is a camp for kids affected by incarceration. 
  • Board member for Camp New Day.

Academic Experience:

  • Associate in Applied Science RN degree - Bay College 2018
  • Bachelor in Applied Science BSN Degree - Indiana Wesleyan University 2021
  • Master in Nursing Education MSN Degree - Indiana Wesleyan University (in progress) 2023


I had a hard time in nursing school. It took work for me, and I had to study much longer than some of my peers. Once I passed my boards and started working on the floor, the knowledge I learned in nursing school made much more sense to me. I am a hands-on learner, and seeing theory meet practice was a big moment at the start of my career. I am learning every day with my students. The best nurses are the ones who do not know everything, stay humble, and start every shift eager to learn something new.