Acting Major - Bachelor of Fine Arts


The BFA in Acting is a conservatory-style immersive training program in performance for aspiring acting professionals. Students will be trained in all aspects of acting including, voice and movement, script/character analysis, and performance pedagogy. A unit of ten students will be selected from national auditions each year for acceptance into the program.

Continuation in the program requires successful completion of a BFA Performance Jury each semester.

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Full admittance to the BFA programs will be decided by late February each year and the student will be notified by the theatre faculty of their acceptance. All other students will be automatically accepted to the Theatre and Entertainment Arts major pending university admittance and are encouraged to reapply to either BFA programs in following years.


Total credits for Degree: 120

General Education: 30-40


BFA in Acting: 72


Acting Core: 29

TH 131: Stagecraft (2 cr)

TH 134: Acting for BFA (2 cr)

TH 141: Fundamentals of Design (2 cr)

TH 360: History of Theatre I (4 cr)

TH 361: History of Theatre II (4 cr) or 

           TH 260: Dramatic Literature (4 cr)                                                       

TH 432: Theatre and Entertainment Careers (1 cr)

TH 352: Directing Theory (4 cr)

TH 456: Theatre Arts Management (4 cr)

TH 480: Capstone (1 cr)

TH 491: Practicum (4 cr)             

1 credit repeated x 4

TH 493: Field Studies (1 cr)


Acting Foundation: 16

TH 136: Stage Voice I (2 cr)

TH 236: Stage Voice II (2 cr)

TH 266: Script Analysis (2 cr)

TH 330: Acting II (4 cr)

TH 336: Stage Voice III (2 cr)

TH 435: Advanced Acting (2 cr)

TH 454: Acting Shakespeare (2 cr)


Movement Foundation: 12

TH 135: Movement I (2 cr)

TH 235: Movement II (2 cr)

TH 237: Stage Combat I (2 cr)

TH 335: Movement III (2 cr)

TH 337: Stage Combat II (2 cr)

DAN 201: Beginning Ballet (2 cr)


Theatre & Dance Electives 15

Any TH or DAN courses

EN 420: Shakespeare (4cr) 


This major does not require a minor.