Below please find information about several scholarships available to students as part of the Department of Theatre and Dance. For additional information about Board of Development Fund Talent Scholarships for up to $1,200, please contact the Forest Roberts Theatre Box Office.

The James L. Rapport Scholarship

Origin: Established in 1998 by donations in honor of James L. Rapport.

Purpose: The award will recognize contributions made to the Forest Roberts Theatre by a full-time student who meets the minimum GPA requirements at Northern Michigan University.

Eligibility: Preference will be given to theatre majors, with subsequent consideration given to those who have performed on the Forest Roberts stage or worked in a backstage capacity.

There will be three categories of possible awards. Awards can be made in one or more categories and to one or more individuals in any given year.

  1. This award will be given as a grant to be used in connection with the annual McMaster's Seminar at the Stratford Theatre Festival in Stratford Ontario, Canada, or for the New York theatre trip to offset expenses. The student must show financial need and dedication to the NMU theatre program.
  2. To be eligible for this award, a candidate must be a graduating senior and have shown talent, dedication, and innovation in their cumulative body of work while enrolled as a theatre undergraduate.
  3. This award will be given to an undergraduate full-time student for contributions to the theatre program and excellence in performance whether on stage or in backstage work. The theatre faculty will select recipients.

Award: A minimum of $500 per year. More than one category may be given in any year if funds allow.

Number: Varies

Special: The first year's award will be awarded with $1,000 from funds donated in honor of James L. Rapport. Subsequent year's award will be funded from available earnings. This fund is to be endowed in perpetuity with only the available earnings being used to make awards in accordance with the NMU Development Fund's spending policy for endowed accounts. In the event that the scholarship becomes obsolete (i.e. the theatre program is dissolved), the corpus of the fund will be used in other areas of student need in the department of Communication and Media Studies at Northern Michigan University as directed by the executive committee of the NMU Foundation.

Forest Roberts Theatre Award

Origin: Established in 1998 with donations in memory of Forest A. Roberts.

Purpose: This fund will provide awards to full-time students at Northern Michigan University.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the award a candidate must be a full-time undergraduate student at NMU of a least sophomore standing. Candidates must have a minimum 3.0 NMU grade point average. Preference will be given to theatre majors who have sustained high-quality contributions to theatre program and who have demonstrated generosity of spirit in their theatre activities, whether in performance or technical production. The theatre faculty will select recipients.

Award: A $500 Award will be given per year until the funds are exhausted. In the final year of the award, if there is less than $500, the entire amount will be awarded

Number: One per year until funds are exhausted. Not renewable.

Created: This scholarship was established with gifts made in memory of Forest Roberts.

Mitzi Selin Scholarship

Description: Established in 1962 by friends and relatives of Mrs. Mitzi Selin. She was active in the Marquette fine arts community and a strong supporter of the NMU theatre program.


  1. Full-time student in the Department of Theatre and Dance (incoming, undergraduate, or graduate student)
  2. Has made, or demonstrates the potential to make, significant contributions to the theatre program.
  3. Amount of money varies.

Karen Rademacher Scholarship

The scholarship (amount varies) is given annually to a full-time junior or senior enrolled in the Department of Theatre and Dance who has been active in the Forest Roberts Theatre program. Preference is given to students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.