Northern Michigan University Department of Theatre and Dance Code of Conduct


The NMU Department of Theatre and Dance wishes to provide a safe and respectful environment for the artists and students involved in our productions.

In this ongoing effort we strive to create a culture of respect in all areas of the theater. While an educational theatre at our core, our department is committed to maintaining a safe, professional, and welcoming environment that respects the dignity of every individual. Treating others with respect and dignity ensures a healthy and productive environment free from discrimination, racism, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior, harassment, retaliation, sexual harassment, and violence. The NMU Department of Theatre and Dance believes respect comes in many forms and by participating in our productions, whether it be on stage, backstage, or in one of our shops, you agree to the following conduct: 

I agree to:

  1. Attend every assigned rehearsal and performance unless excused by my supervisor. (Director, Stage Manager, Technical Director)
  2. Arrive on time for every assigned rehearsal and performance unless excused by my supervisor. 
  3. Remain present in the building until I have been dismissed from rehearsal or work assignment.  
  4. Work to the best of my ability at all times, regardless of how small my responsibility or large my personal problems.
  5. Meet each onstage or offstage task/entrance/cue.
  6. Forego all social activities which may interfere with rehearsals or performances.
  7. Never arrive to work, rehearsal, or a performance under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  8. Translate notes of the director, stage manager, or design team into my production responsibilities.
  9. Accept artistic responsibility and never blame my coworkers for my own failure.
  10. Engage in no criticism of another colleague’s work either in person or via social media.
  11. Accept both public praise and constructive criticism graciously.
  12. Respect and protect the set, properties, costumes, and equipment.
  13. Maintain my enthusiasm for the production, regardless of disappointment or failure.
  14. Respect all members of the Department of Theatre and Dance.
  15. Abide by the departmental procedures and guidelines as outlined in the NMU Theatre and Dance Student Handbook.
  16. Abide by the NMU Student Code.


  • Cell phones are prohibited on stage and backstage at all times unless contributing to the work of the production
  • Cell phones are permitted, in silent mode, in the auditorium during rehearsals and in the dressing room and green room during performance as long as it is not disruptive.
  • Photography of productions or any of their parts (scenery, costumes, etc.) are prohibited without permission from the Director, Technical Director, Production Manager, or a direct supervisor.
  • Guests are not allowed backstage or in the dressing rooms without first obtaining permission from the Production Stage Manager.
  • You are required to provide escort for any permitted guest(s).

And finally, the following behavior is considered grounds for immediate dismissal from the cast or crew:

  • One unexcused absence from a scheduled rehearsal or crew call.
  • Three unexcused late arrivals to scheduled rehearsals or crew calls.
  • Possession, use, or abuse of drugs of alcohol on the premises of any department facility.
  • Theft, defacement, or destruction of any personal or university property.
  • A major violation of the NMU Department of Theatre and Dance Code of Conduct.

Any company member(s) found in violation of the above code of conduct will be requested at an ethics committee meeting which may result in removal from the production.  Any company member whose disciplinary action has resulted in removal from the production and/or future productions has the right to appeal, in writing, to the Director of Theatre within 24 hours.  The faculty will review the appeal within the next 24 hours and the company member will be informed of the final decision via email.