James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre


The James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre is the second of two theaters at NMU, and seats about 100 people. This space is named after Dr. James Panowski, who was the Director of Theatre at Northern for many years. The cool thing about this space is that it's extremely versatile, and all the seats can be configured into whatever space the director wants for a show. Typically, seats are arranged on three sides to form a thrust stage, but for our production of Constellations (pictured in the second photo below), the seats were arranged on two sides, creating an "alleyway" for the actors to perform in. As pictured below, the Black Box spaced can be utilized in many ways: as a bare stage, with minimal set, or with a complete set including walls and a raised deck. If you're a theatre major or minor, this is also where some of your classes will be held, including Acting and Theatre Management!


The Black Box Theatre during a show






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