Musical Theatre Audition Requirements


The Wildcat Performing Arts Academy Musical Theatre Summer Intensive is open to students entering grades 9 (in 2024) through current graduating seniors (class of 2024). 


Audition Videos

Digital Audition Submission Guidelines

Students must submit three separate video files. Please submit no more than the video files requested. Details below.

Video 1 - Student Introduction (45-60 seconds)

  • A brief close-up shot in which you state your full name, current city, state, and country. 
  • A brief description of your training and background including current teacher(s), director(s), and choreographer(s), and the number of years you’ve been training. 
  • A brief statement about why you are passionate about musical theatre, and why you want to attend the Wildcat Performance Academy Summer Intensive. 

Video 2 - Acting and Singing (90 seconds combined maximum)

  • A song and monologue or two contrasting (in emotion) songs. 
  • Please treat this as a professional audition, your video quality doesn’t have to be perfect but we are looking for you to present as a professional.


Video 3 - Dance (60 seconds maximum)

  • Video that shows you dancing in a production, video of you doing a solo dance number, OR a video of you completing this Hairspray Combination
  • This section may include videos or YouTube links of dance work you’ve done in the last 18 months (please make sure they are viewable by anyone if you utilize a link).
    •  If the video is of an ensemble or group work, please indicate who/where you are in the video. Costumes are allowed. We are trying to get a sense of who you are.


  • Make sure that your face is clearly visible and the background is simple, uncluttered, and not too bright (e.g., in front of a window). Announce your name and the title of each selection in each video.


  • Please dress so we can see your movement and body clearly. Baggy clothing can obscure the movement and lines of the body.
  • Ensure you have enough distance between you and the camera so that we can see your whole body.

Additional Materials


  • Start with your personal information: full name, contact details
  • Include your theatre education background: list any acting classes, workshops, or camps you've attended.
  • Highlight any notable achievements, such as awards, recognitions, or roles you've played.
  • List any theatre productions you've been a part of, including school plays, community theatre, or youth theatre groups.
    • Specify the roles you've played, mentioning the character name, the production title, and the theatre company or school.
  • Include any additional performance experience, such as improv shows, talent shows, or monologue competitions.
  • Mention any special skills relevant to theatre, such as singing, dancing, accents, or stage combat.
  • Consider adding a section for references, including names and contact information for directors or teachers who can speak to your talents and work ethic.
  • Keep the resume concise and easy to read, ideally fitting on one page.


  • Choose a clean and simple background that won't distract from your image.
  • Maintain a confident and engaging expression, showing your personality.
  • Frame the shot from the shoulders up, focusing on your face and upper body.

Letter of Recommendation 

  • A letter for this intensive is optional! 
  • If you do turn one in, it can be a letter from a teacher, coach, director, or mentor who can highlight the skills/qualities you have. 


Online Application

Click here to fill out an application (via google forms) and upload your audition materials.



Application Deadline - Applications will remain open through May 1st. Rolling application submissions will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Admissions Notification - For applications turned in by March 31st participants will be notified by April 12, 2024 and every 2 weeks after that for rolling applications.