Academic Year Programs Overview

UBMS at NMU added the academic year program in fall 2008. Students now have the opportunity to participate in the Upward Bound Math-Science experience during the academic year. Students involved in Academic Year Programs participate in monthly workshops and complete assignments. They also have face-to-face meetings and engage in activities online. 


Student assignments are posted by the fifth day of each month. All assignments must be completed and sent to the UBMS director by the last day of each month.


All Assignments can be found by clicking on the month unless otherwise noted. Also, all assignments are due on the last day of each month unless otherwise noted. If you have not already done so, be sure to complete the student update form each time you change your contact information

» Tutor request form

» Student update form


Complete or update  the UBMS Individual Educational Plan for your current year of high school.  Click here for directions.  

*Online SAT prep class via Zoom and Google Classroom. Please check your email or email for information.


ATTENTION SENIORS: You must also complete the FAFSA. This will count as your February assignment.  See those directions for assistance. 


Community service activity. You will have through December to complete this assignment. 


Please click on November and submit community service hours before the end of the month.  Please check email often for information on a December in person meeting. 




ATTENTION SENIORS: Be sure to send an email to when you have completed your FAFSA.

March- Check your email for information on attending the cultural event and please complete APRIL assignment 


Essay due by April 30. Be sure to check your email for more details on the rest of the requirements.


Read Summer Handbook and Return forms for the summer program.