Who is considered a dual-enrolled student?

Applicants who are still enrolled in high school and wish to be enrolled in NMU courses (on NMU's campus or online courses) prior to high school graduation are considered dual enrollment applicants and may be admitted provided the student has demonstrated consistent, excellent academic achievement. Local school districts have their own requirements regarding approval of students seeking to pursue dual enrollment. Students should contact their school counselor or principal. Additionally, the following requirements must be met for admission as a dual-enrolled student at NMU:

  • Applicants must have completed the 10th grade of high school and have achieved a minimum 3.00 grade point average.  Those not meeting these criteria but who believe they could be successful in college course work should contact the NMU Admissions Office for guidance.
  • Applicants are limited to taking eight credits per semester and must meet course prerequisites.

Dual Enrollment Application Instructions

  1. Complete the “Northern Michigan University Application for Dual Enrollment.” This needs to be completed in advance of each semester in which the student intends to enroll in courses.
  2. Request your official high school transcript (directly from high school). For subsequent semesters of dual enrollment, an updated transcript should be sent if additional semester grades have been recorded.
  3. If your high school is providing any portion of tuition payment, please have them complete the Desired Courses/Billing Information portion of the application and send to NMU Admissions. This is needed each semester.
Hydrology Class at Harlow Lake

"The main reason I decided to come to NMU though was because their programs were some of the best in the country, which I think a lot of people don’t know. The Biology program allows us to research as undergraduate students and that was something that interested me a lot when I was applying for college. On top of that, I had already taken classes during High School as part of Northern’s dual enrollment program so I knew that I loved the campus and that the professors were really great."

Katelyn Liubakka, B.S. '18

Secondary Education Integrated Science and Social Studies

Payment Information

Students should check with their high school officials regarding possible payment of tuition and fees by the high school.
Schools may or may not fund dual enrollment. Schools that are able to provide funding may not fund 100%. Any balance
not covered by the high school is the student’s responsibility. Students must abide by the withdrawal and add/drop
procedures. If you drop a class for which your school has approved payment, you must notify your school.

You will receive notification of your NMU admission status by mail. This will include course registration information.

Documents can be mailed to:
Northern Michigan University – Admissions
1401 Presque Isle Ave
Marquette, MI 49855
Or faxed to: 906–227–1747

We'd love you to continue with NMU

We invite you to continue your degree program at NMU after high school graduation. Dually enrolled students who plan to attend NMU as a new first-year degree-seeking student after graduating from high school should submit a new application for admission during their senior year, along with the most current high school transcript (if not previously submitted). High school seniors considering the Presidential Scholars Competition should apply in accordance with deadlines.