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Customized Individual Visit

Customized in-person visits are tailored to your interests and needs based on a menu of options.  Your visit may include a campus tour with a current student, a meeting with an admissions counselor, and meetings with faculty members and various other departments. See the registration form for a full list of options. 

Customized Virtual Campus Visit

Meet one-on-one with a faculty member in your academic area of interest, chat with an admissions counselor and many more options. Our virtual visits are all conducted via live Zoom interaction. 


Student Section at an NMU hockey game

Additional visit options

Wildcat Weekend - NMU's open house events - March 15 - 16, 2024 and October 18 - 19, 2024

Summer Counselor Visit Program - Calling all high school guidance counselors and school staff! Join us in Marquette in July for a weekend dedicated to exploring all NMU has to offer your students. 

Saturday Visit Dates for Fall 2023

November 18

December 9

Winter 2024

January 27

February 17 - UP 200 Weekend

March 16 - Wildcat Weekend

April 20

Please contact our Campus Visit Program office at 906-227-1709 or at to register for one of these listed Saturday visits.


8:45-9:00 Pre-registered guests check in

9:00-10:00 Admissions presentation

10:00-12:00 Walking Campus Tour

*The Admissions presentation is a general NMU presentation for those wanting to learn more about NMU. If you are already admitted and know a lot about NMU already, you may want to schedule a one-on-one visit or reach out to your admissions counselor to go over what option might be best for you.

Group  Visits

Bringing a group of students to explore campus? Call or email our Campus Visit office at 906-227-1709 or at to be connected with one of our group tour coordinators.  * Please do not fill out the campus visit request form for group tours.


Family Weekend Hike on Sugarloaf

Staying in Marquette

Participants in NMU's in-person Campus Visit Program can receive 50% off ONE night room rate from select lodging establishments in Marquette. The coupon is good Sundays - Thursdays only. Please inquire about the coupon when scheduling your in-person campus visit with NMU's Campus Visit Office to get all the details. Restrictions may apply

While you're here, make sure to see all that Marquette has to offer. Check out the Travel Marquette website for information on hotels, things to do in the area and events during your stay. 


Want to see the students who will be showing you around?


Emily Rose Bonneville


Hometown: Boyne City, MI
High School:  Boyne City High School

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): Catholic Campus Ministry, Wildcat Marching Band, Swing Dance club, Prolife club

Favorite Marquette Activity:  Swimming in Lake Superior, hammocking, hiking, and anything outside. 

Best Advice for Incoming Students

It's ok to change your mind or be unsure of what your future looks like! it is just as important to figure out what you don't like as it is what you do like! It is all a part of the journey, just enjoy where you are at. 

Cheyanne smiling at the world

Cheyanne Dodds

Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology Concentration

Hometown: North Branch, MI
High School: North Branch High School

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): Resident Advisor in Hunt Hall and Anthropology club member

Favorite Marquette Activity: Hiking and going to the beaches 

Best Advice for Incoming Students: Best advice would be to get involved early so that they can explore all their interests and maybe find new interests along the way along with friends who like to do those activities with you. 


Gwen standing in a magical snowy forest wearing her NMU swag

Gwendolyn Feamster

Political Science and Philosophy

Hometown: Linden, MI
High School: Flint Powers Catholic

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): ASNMU (student government), Phi Sigma Sigma, Student Leader Fellowship Program, previous Resident Advisor, Feminism for All

Favorite Marquette Activity: Hanging out in coffee shops :)

Best Advice for Incoming Students: It is okay to not have it figured out! Find joy in not knowing and take the opportunities along the way. Whether that's waking up to see the Northern Lights at three am, or an impromptu trip to Duluth, or even an internship you didn't expect. Life is what you make it here, enjoy the ride.<...

Braden Hubert on a boat holding a giant fish.

Braden Hubert


Hometown: Saint Paul, MN
High School: Roseville Area Highschool

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): Club Lacrosse Team, Student Leader Fellowship Program, Honors Program, Swing Dance Club, Superior Edge, Fencing Club.

Favorite Marquette Activity: Running, Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, and Hunting in the surrounding wilderness.

Best Advice for Incoming Students: Be yourself! Take advantage of all the amazing things NMU and Marquette have to offer! Treat everyone with kindness.

Caroline on a winter hike

Caroline Nosek


Hometown: Elburn, IL
High School: Kaneland Senior High School

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): Organization for Outdoor Recreation Professionals, South Superior Climbing Club

Favorite Marquette Activity: Hiking the wonderful trails in Marquette area, exploring the beaches, and taking pictures of all of the beautiful scenery. 

Best Advice for Incoming Students: Starting college can be scary, but put yourself out there, try new things, be yourself, and try your best! And do not forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Chloe Patterson


Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI
High School:  Bloomfield Hills High School

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): Hunt Hall Government, Toon Town Government, NMU Student Ambassador, Student Leadership Fellowship Program (SLFP)

Favorite Marquette Activity: I love going to the beach after class in the summertime, and going skiing after class in the wintertime. I also love going to the farmers market on the weekends!

Best Advice for Incoming Students: College is a big change! It's okay if it takes longer to adjust than you originally attended. Get to know the people you live around, and befriend you RA's. Everyone's here to support you!


Tas Stoetzner

Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management

Hometown: Jenison, MI
High School:  Jenison Senior High School
Community College: Grand Rapids Community College

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): NMU Rowing, Club Lacrosse Team, Student Leader Fellowship Program, Superior Edge, Special Events Committee

Favorite Marquette Activity: Attending community events the city or businesses organize through the year, and exploring Marquette trails and beaches.

Best Advice for Incoming Students: Go to campus events that sound fun to you, and put yourself out there to try new things that sound interesting.

Simon Swager

Simon Swager

Earth Science

Hometown: Climax, MI
High School: Climax-Scotts Jr. /Sr.  High School

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): Catholic Campus Ministry, Marching Band, Protect Life at NMU, NMU Animal Club, House and Hall Government, Superior Edge, Student Leader Fellowship Program. 

Favorite Marquette Activity: Stocking up on snacks and then going stargazing with my telescope near Little Presque Isle! 

Best Advice for Incoming Students: Find something you enjoy doing in high school and continue it in college. Whether band, sports or squirrel watching, having something constant during the college transition makes things more comfortable. 

Alyssa CVP

Alyssa Verba


Hometown: Stephenson, MI
High School: Stephenson High School

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): Wildcat Marching Band and Catholic Campus Ministry. 

Favorite Marquette Activity: I LOVE going to all of the local coffee shops! Currently, Cruisin' Coffee is my go-to, but I also love Babycakes! I also love hiking around Presque Isle and Sugarloaf Mountain, especially when the Northern Lights come out!

Best Advice for Incoming Students: Don't be afraid to try new things! College goes by WAY faster than you might think. Remember that your mental health is important, though, and be sure to make it a priority as you enter college.


Gracie Witt

Sports Science

Hometown: Bruce Crossing, MI
High School: Ewen-Trout Creek Consolidated School

Groups and Organizations (current and past involvement): Student Leader Fellowship Program, Superior Edge, Lutheran Campus Ministry/Common Grounds, Pre-Physical Therapy Club, Platform Personalities, Honors Program, University Choir

Favorite Marquette Activity: Going for a hike along the water, hammocking, and hanging out at a coffee shop afterwards! 

Best Advice for Incoming Students: Put yourself out there, try new things, and don't be afraid to say yes! It can seem intimidating, but getting involved and putting the effort to meet new people will be so worth it!

NMU Student Outside in the Winter

Growing up in the U.P., my family and I visited Marquette often. I have always felt comfortable [in the city], and I decided to come to NMU because it was the only college that truly felt like home.

Kendall Burmeister

Major: Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Other Options for Visiting Campus

Presidential Scholars Competition is an opportunity for high achieving high school seniors to compete for scholarships. Stay Tuned for upcoming competition dates (usually held in October and November). 

Summer Camps for high school students focus on sports, culture, the environment and more.