At Northern, we make the application process for the home-schooled student easy. In fact, it nearly mirrors the application process for the “traditionally schooled” student. Homeschooled students must supply:

  • A high school transcript. This transcript can be from a home school curriculum agency, or can be parent (or instructor) generated. If the transcript is parent or instructor generated, we ask that it contain a notarized signature of the person responsible for the official academic record so we can accept it as an official document. The transcript should list courses completed and grades earned. A student may apply while their final coursework is still in progress, but we must receive a “final” transcript indicating date of graduation prior to enrollment at Northern.
  • An official ACT or SAT score report. Check with the ACT or SAT organizations for test dates and for information on how to have your scores sent to us.

That’s all there is to it! Our admission requirements are a 2.25 grade point average and a 19 ACT or 990 SAT. Keep in mind that while these are the general admissions requirements, certain departments require a specific college GPA before admission is granted into those academic programs. Click here, or contact the admissions office for more information.

Northern also offers an Honors Program for students who meet the criteria, and an academic probation program for students who can demonstrate the ability to succeed, but who might not have met both of the admissions requirements.

Application Instructions

  1. Complete the undergraduate application for admission form. If you have previously applied, please notify the Admissions Office. We keep previous applications on file for one year. Homeschooled students who are applying to be dually enrolled at NMU while still attending high school should also complete the dual enrollment-permission to enroll form available from the NMU Admissions Office. Your parent can sign the form as your educator.

    Canadian citizens may complete the online application for admission and the supplement for Canadian students.
  2. Application Fee - Applicants may pay the non-refundable $35 application fee online, or by phone (1-800-682-9797 or 1-906-227-2650) or may mail a check or money order. Application fee waivers and exceptions may be available.
  3. Transcripts – Homeschooled student transcripts may be generated by a parent or instructor or may be supplied by a home school curriculum agency.  Parent or instructor generated transcripts should be notarized as an official document.

Secondary School Academic Preparation - Michigan students should follow the Michigan Merit Curriculum, and it is preferred that all students take core courses as follows: four years of English; four years of college preparatory mathematics; four years of social studies; four years of science; two years of language. Credits (1 semester = .5 credits) from these areas should total 12-16 by the end of the senior year. Beyond these core courses, students are encouraged to take courses or get experience in the arts and information technology.

High School Grade Point Averages - For purposes of admission and scholarships, NMU will use the overall cumulative GPA.

Standardized Achievement Testing - NMU will accept either the ACT or SAT results and will always consider the highest ACT composite or SAT combined score ( math/critical reading) from a single test date for admission and scholarship purposes if a student submits multiple test results. Writing scores are not required or considered.