Aspire was created to assist NMU students on their journey to a successful college career and beyond.

Through team building workshops, leadership trainings and connection opportunities students will receive all the tools needed to push their college experience to the next level. 




Participate in a 2 week on-campus experience where you'll attend class and put your skills and knowledge to use around the Marquette community. This on-campus experience will take place August 1-16. 




Enjoy team building activities, group study sessions and workshops on various topics through out the year to gain strategies for success at NMU. 




Experience the residence halls and ease into campus living by moving in 2 weeks early. Learn about the Marquette community through volunteer opportunities and field trips. 

Aspire means to seek or accomplish a particular goal -- in college the ultimate goal is graduation -- but there are a lot that happens between your first day of school and graduation day.

The Aspire program can give you the support to help you reach that goal and accomplish everything in between. 


Start with your first class that you get to take for free - The Aspire program will enroll you in the 4-credit summer course, NAS 204 Native American Experience. Indigenous knowledge is integral to NMU's mission and this course will allow you to study and experience Native culture in the Great Lakes Region. 

This class counts towards a general education credit and a graduation requirement at NMU.

What's in it for me?

Beyond learning and growing in your leadership skills and academic knowledge, there are a lot of perks to being a part of the Aspire Program. 

  • Earn 4 free NMU college credits this summer by taking NAS 204 on-campus. 
  • Move in to your residence hall 2 weeks early for free -- this also includes your campus dining during this time. 
  • All orientation fees will be waived. This includes the $126 registration fee, parent orientation fee and any on-campus accommodation fees. If you've already paid your orientation fees -- you will receive a refund upon acceptance into the Aspire program. 
  • Receive your NMU issued laptop in time for the on-campus class. 
  • Meet your support network and some awesome new friends.
  • Gain early insight on how to be a successful college student.
  • The program is free.

What's Next

Application deadline is April 1, 2024. 

Your application will be reviewed by the selection committee and you will be notified of your program admission status no later than April 19, 2024. 

If admitted to NMU's Aspire program, more information will follow. Please note, admission into the Aspire program will require NMU to change your enrollment term from Fall 2024 to Summer 2024 in order to enroll in the class. This will not affect any financial aid or scholarships you have in place for Fall 2024. 

We can't wait to see what you will ASPIRE to be!