Gerri Daniels

Executive Director of Admissions


I was born in Marquette and lived at the Coast Guard Station until I was one year old, but then our family moved frequently--the military life.  I graduated from Ewen-Trout Creek High School in the Western U.P., but my four years as an undergraduate at NMU marked the longest period of time I had lived in any one town.

Professional/Personal Biography:

I earned a bachelor of arts degree in speech communication/English from NMU in 1983 and a master of arts degree in communications from Miami University in 1984. Jobs since college in Ohio and Michigan include college instructor, sales representative, marketing manager, admissions counselor, assistant director of admissions, associate director of admissions and director/executive director of admissions. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and have two soccer-playing sons.

Most Memorable College Experience:

Taking the field for my first half-time show as a member of the "Pride of the North" Wildcat Marching Band. I was scared and excited and proud...and very nervous that I was going to march in the wrong direction!

Favorite Marquette Activity:

Sitting on the beach and watching the waves or the sunset over Lake Superior. The "big lake" always helps put things in perspective.

Best Advice You Received Regarding College Or Would Give Someone Entering College:

Never take the easy way out. Challenge yourself and take advantage of all the opportunities available. Most importantly, as busy as you'll be, take the time to nurture the relationships in your life - your family and friends.

Gerri Daniels