NMU grad with family on commencement day

Congratulations on your graduation - you made it!

We want to help you celebrate with some NMU-themed gear that you can use at your upcoming graduation party. 

Don't forget to share your NMU pride on social media with the hashtag #shareNMU

Printable Photo Booth Props

Print these out for your graduation party, photo booth or even to decorate your room. These are a perfect way to show off your love for Northern Michigan University.    

In this PDF, you'll find printable:

  • NMU sunglasses
  • Bowties
  • A Wildcat Willy mask
  • 3D standing "N" 
  • 3D hanging mobile "N"

We recommend printing these pages on card stock or a heavier weight paper. This can be done either at home or at a local or online print shop. 

Other easy ways to show off your NMU pride

Green and gold decorations such as:

  • Card box
  • Balloons, streamers, confetti, glow sticks, party lights/lanterns
  • Decorated desserts (cake pops, cupcakes, cake, cookies, etc.), M&Ms
  • Plates, straws, cups, napkins, table clothes, cutlery
  • Yard games (bean bag toss, frisbee)

Don't forget to look for green and gold flowers, foods and beverages. 

  • Beverages: Lemonade, limeade, pineapple juice, green smoothies, etc.
  • Flowers: Carnations, black-eyed susans, chrysanthemums, lilies, daisies, zinnias, gladiolas, grasses, sunflowers, marigolds, craspedia, wildflowers, etc.
  • Foods: Honeydew melon, kiwi, pineapple, green apples, lemons, limes, bananas, green grapes, broccoli, corn, squash, peas, green beans, green peppers, lettuce, kale, asparagus, etc.

If your cake-maker can print photos on a cake, download the NMU Wildcat.

Play the NMU Fight Song (bonus points if you can get your family to sing along!) Find the song and lyrics here.

Show off what your future college looks like by sharing this NMU video.

Wear NMU gear at the party. Pick some up from the NMU Bookstore.