Why are Northern students successful both in the classroom and after graduation? Very simply, it is because we care. We take the time to review our programs, to update our technologies and facilities and to create an environment where we learn from each other.

But technology, equipment and buildings only take you so far. You also must have talented and dedicated faculty and staff. At Northern Michigan University our history is one of teaching, and our professors and instructors come to NMU because they want to be in the classroom, sharing their knowledge and passion for learning with you.

Seventy-seven percent of our instructors hold the highest degree in their field. They are scholars, researchers, and ambassadors in their fields. They also teach first-year entry-level courses, eat in the cafeterias and put their home phone numbers on their course syllabi. The greatest minds in the world are only that if you never see them. At Northern, they are your instructors, mentors and inspiration.