Whoever you are, wherever you are from, however you identify. We welcome and celebrate you.

Below, you will find a diverse group of student ambassadors with various experiences both in and outside of the classroom. They all have unique stories of what led them to NMU and what makes them excited to be Wildcats. As you are exploring your college options, it may be helpful to hear from a current student living the experience. This is an invitation to reach out and introduce yourself and ask the questions that are on your mind! 

Smiling student, wearing a hat, red and white plaid shirt

Patrick Myers

Mobile and Web App Development


Hometown: Lake Linden, MI

Involvement: Resident Advisor, President of Marquette Ending Hunger, Board Member for NMU Spikeball, Orientation Leader.

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Watching the sunrise at the beach behind the Superior Dome.

Student standing in a snowy road, wearing Northern Michigan University Sweatshirt

Gwendolyn Feamster

Political Science & Philosophy


Hometown: Linden, MI

Involvement: Phi Sigma Sigma, Resident Adviser, Vice President of ASNMU, Student Leader Fellowship Program

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: I love stargazing, rock climbing at the PEIF, and hanging out with my friends at the coffee shops in town.

Student standing on metal bleachers next to Wildcat Willy mascot in the Superior Dome

Thomas Chicka

Nursing w/ Music minor


Hometown: Superior, WI 

Involvement: Puckheads, NoMad, Student Nurses Association, Orchestra, Hall Government, Student Leader Fellowship Program

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Going to watch live music in town!

Student wearing flannel shirt with great lakes t-shirt, standing in front of a tree.

Brooklyn Fitzpatrick

Secondary Education- Social Studies w/History minor


Hometown: Boyne City, MI 

Involvement: Delight Ministry, Future Educators Club, and Intramural Sports

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Getting to enjoy such a variety of outdoor activities year round for great exercise and scenic beauty.

Student sitting in a sunroom, with plants behind her.

Makaylee Weedon

Social Media Design Management


Hometown: Paw Paw, MI 

Involvement: Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Hammocking and going to hockey games !

Student standing on a rocky outcropping with Lake Superior shoreline in the background.

Caroline Nosek

Outdoor Recreation Leadership Management


Hometown: Elburn, IL

Involvement: OORP-Organization for Outdoor Recreation Professionals, Intramural Sports 

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Hikes at Hogsback, Sugarloaf, and stargazing.

Student wearing blue jacket and backpack standing on the bank of a stream in front of a waterfall.

Chloe Patterson



Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Involvement: Hunt Hall Vice President, Toon Town House Vice President

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Hanging out with friends... skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer!

Male student wearing burgundy hat, standing in front of colorful fall foliage

Landon Strzelewicz

Criminal Justice & Psychology


Hometown: Caro, MI

Involvement: Wildcat Marching Band, Primetime Productions, South Superior Climbing Club, Criminal Justice Association, Cedar Hall Resident Advisor

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Playing the drum set at hockey games! 

Student wearing green sweater standing in front of train tracks.

Kaelyn Filbey

Biology w/Physiology concentration

Hometown: Macomb Twp, MI

Involvement: Co-president of NMU Puckheads

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Going to NMU hockey games and browsing in Snow Bound for books.

Student in white sweater/ black pants standing in front of a tree with yellow lights.

Josh Yang

Neuroscience w/Behavioral & Cognition concentration


Hometown: Waterford, MI

Involvement: Neuroscience Club, CABIN Lab, intramural soccer

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Hiking! 

Student with blond hair and clear glasses standing in front of trees while smiling.

Janessa Brown



Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI 

Involvement: National Society of Leadership & Success. Associated Students of NMU (ASNMU). Hall Government. Superior Edge.

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Hockey games and getting dinner with friends at the Wildcat Den.

Student with brown hair and clear glasses, sitting in dorm room, smiling at the camera. There are decorations and posters on the wall behind her.

Brooke Holtz

Secondary Education- Social Studies w/History minor

Hometown: Hortonville, WI 

Involvement: Latinx Student Union, Future Educators of NMU, Alpha Gamma Delta sorority 

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Grabbing food from Third Street Bagel and driving to Presque Isle or Picnic Rocks with friends as a sort of i...

Student with blond hair, clear glasses, and a green sweater smiling at the camera.

Samantha Wardisiani

Theatre Technology & Design


Hometown: Midlothian, IL

Involvement: Co-President of Alpha Psi Omega

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: I love hammocking in Marquette!

Student with blond hair wearing white shirt and brown jacket standing on icy Lake Superior shoreline.

Ellie Wagner

Marketing w/Multi-Media Production minor


Hometown: Grayling, MI 

Involvement: Intramural Sports, Hiking, skiing, hammocking.

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Skiing in Winter! Hiking and getting outside anytime it's possible! Marquette has so many hidden places and activities, you just have to find you...

Student wearing black jacket, purple hat standing on wavy Lake Superior Shoreline

Julia Fleury

Pre-Clinical Psychology


Hometown: Wauwatosa, WI

Involvement: Superior Edge, Student Leader Fellowship Program, Club Rowing.

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Hammocking at Little Presque Isle and walking around downtown.

Student wearing green plaid, with a camera around his neck, standing next to the frozen lower harbor in downtown Marquette.

Luke Tschumperlin

Art & Design: Digital Cinema


Hometown: Beaver Dam, WI

Involvement: Honors Program, Freshman Fellows, President of Campus Cinema, Chi Alpha, Protect Life at NMU

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Photography at Wetmore Landing!

Student with pink hair, wearing a black jacket and fuzzy grey hat.

Autumn Schwab

Secondary Education/Integrated Science


Hometown: Waterford, MI 

Involvement: Mu Beta Psi and work at Devos Art Museum & NMU catering. 

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Walking over to Lake Superior! 

A student is featured walking on a beach towards the Lake Superior Shoreline. She is turning back slightly to face the camera with a smile.

Nyah Caldwell

Political Science / Pre-Law


Hometown: Grayslake, IL

Involvement: Black Student Union, Student Law Forum

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Visiting the Blackrocks & Football games

A student with short blond hair stands facing the camera with a smile. They are wearing a green NMU Wildcat hooded sweatshirt and Lake Superior is in the background.

Luc Bruening

Criminal Justice / Information Assurance


Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Involvement: Puckheads, Marquette Ending Hunger, Criminal Justice Association, NMU Women’s Club Hockey, and Student Cyber Association 

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: The hockey games!

A student stands in a field of flowers wearing a white shirt with a white headband in brunette hair. The student holds a bouquet of flowers.

Adeline Pavlo

Psychology: Social/Personality


Hometown: Hartland, MI

Involvement: Northern Arts & Entertainment, Honors, SLFP, PRSSA, Superior Edge/Volunteer Center Coordinator, ASPIRE Lab

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Local coffee shops, stargazing, & hockey games!

A blond student wearing a black blouse and blue jeans stands in front of a natural landscape facing the camera.

Ariona Hildebrant

Sports Science/Athletic Training 3+2


Hometown: Watertown, WI

Involvement: NATS(Northern Athletic Training Students), Superior Edge, & NMU Delight Ministries

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Enjoying the fall colors while hiking.

A student with brown hair and glasses smiles towards the camera. The angle is a selfie showing off the student climbing the rock wall.

Alexa Thompson

Outdoor Recreation Leadership & Management


Hometown: Cedar Springs, MI

Involvement: ASL club, Campus Cinema, House Government, & Special Events Committee

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Exploring Presque Isle Park!

A student with short hair faces the camera and smiles. Lake Superior is in the background and they are wearing a green and white Northern Michigan University shirt.

Kaitlyn Straschinske

Forensic Anthropology / Criminal Justice


Hometown: Eau Claire, WI

Involvement: Anthropology Club, Superior Edge, Criminal Justice Association, Maple Tap (Maple house government).

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Spending the day at Clark Lambros beach with my friends!

A student with short dirty blond hair sits in a field of tall grasses facing the camera. They are earing a black tank top and blue shorts.

Erin O'Donnell

Secondary Education: English


Hometown: Traverse City, MI

Involvement: Future Educators of NMU, Sigma Tau Delta, Honors Program

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Skiing at Marquette Mountain and visiting the Peter White Public Library!

A student stands in the grassy courtyard of a residence hall complex. They are holding up strands of auburn hair and wearing a pink flowy blouse.

Angel Rivera

Musical Theatre (BFA)


Hometown: Marquette, MI

Involvement: Musical Theatre, Found Space Theatre Company (FSTC), Foster Care Support Circle (FCSC), Welcome Crew, Hall Gov 

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Watching the sunset, going to the beach, & hiking. 

A student with blonde hair sits in a tree facing the camera. They are wearing a burgundy sweater and blue jeans.

Jordan Muzzy

Criminal Justice


Hometown: Clawson, MI

Involvement: Criminal Justice Association, Resident Advisor, Primetime Productions, Hall Government.

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: I love hiking, and being in the outdoors. Yooperlight hunting is one of my favorite things!

A student with red hair stands in front of a river, wearing a green jacket and black pants. The Eiffel tower is in the background.

Sydney Wierengo

Social Media Design Management


Hometown: Muskegon, MI

Involvement: Yoga Club & Superior Edge

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: Hiking and exploring! 

A student wearing a dark red sweatshirt and tan hat faces the camera with a smile. He is feeding a chubby black bear cub a treat. The background is a mural of trees that reads "Oswald's Bear Ranch"

Connor Kohls

Fisheries & Wildlife Management


Hometown: White Lake, MI 

Involvement: NMU Fisheries & Wildlife Association 

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: I love going to Presque Isle for walks or going to downtown Marquette. I also love going to NMU hockey games!<...

A student wearing a tan jacket and hat, with a blue sling bag hanging off her shoulder stands in front of a waterfall.

Grace Clark

Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences


Hometown: Bay City, MI 

Involvement: National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) 

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: I love to hike, snowshoe and grab a good cup of coffee (: ! 

A student with long brown hair, wearing a tan beanie hat and black jacket stands outdoors with a snowy background.

Grace Cook

Elementary Education


Hometown: Memphis, MI

Involvement: Upper Peninsula Dog Sled Association, Founding a new org called SADVA (Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Awareness), NMU Puck heads 

Favorite NMU or Marquette activity: I love hiking, especially Dead River Falls...

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