Professor and Student in JamrichAt Northern Michigan University, students are taught primarily by professors. You will learn from professionals in the field and interact with faculty who can not only help you succeed in class but also in your career and your life. Many students find that their professors are available to provide academic or professional advice even outside of the classroom, and this allows students to succeed beyond expectations. 

Professors at Northern have won prestigious research grants and teaching awards (including Michigan Professor of the Year). They've published papers, scripts, books. But they care most about students. 

Students often partner with their teachers in their research and other professional activities. Many professors have undergraduate students who work in their labs or students who help with their research. These experiences set students apart from their peers. Sometimes, students even present research at professional conferences or are published in academic journals. 

"Professors here are dedicated to student success and to providing us with opportunities. In many ways, Northern is better than other universities because you have people who care so deeply about students." — Melissa Seelye, '11 English Graduate Bound

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